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Big Drop In Building Leaves Supply Tight
Posted on 25/02/2020 

A dramatic drop in new building has added to housing supply shortages, putting upward pressure on prices.



February 2020 Edition OUT NOW! 

This is the strongest Sydney market we have recorded in the five years we have been conducting our quarterly sales surveys. Greater Sydney has 67 suburbs with rising buyer demand, compared with 18 six months ago.

Our Winter 2019 survey pinpointed the bottom of the Sydney trough and this Autumn 2020 survey provides strong evidence of the market revival, showing just how much has changed since the middle of 2019. The number of suburbs classified as declining markets has dropped from 66 suburbs six months ago to 12.

So the Sydney story heading into 2020 is one of recovery - but buyers need to be aware that this recovery is not universal across all areas and do their research.

Out Top 5 Sydney Hotspots will give you the data on which areas are leading the recovery and why they are positive prospects for continued growth.


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