Rents Rise In Most Capital Cities
Posted on 1/04/2019 

Rents continue to rise steadily in most capital cities, according to the latest data from

Aust Hits 25mil, Led By Victoria
Posted on 28/03/2019 

Victoria is the standout state on population growth, as Australia passes 25 million.

Most Borrowers On Top Of Repayments
Posted on 28/03/2019 

Brisbane heads the list of cities where borrowers are most comfortable with their mortgage payments.

Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 86 - Lists of Growth Markets Are Dodgy Data
Posted on 26/03/2019 

Statistical Nonsense Presented as News.

Computer generated lists which rank property markets according to the size of median price growth in the past 12 months provide essentially dodgy data.

ATO To Target Investor Claims
Posted on 25/03/2019 

An tax audit of 300 investors has revealed numerous errors, prompting an ATO crackdown.

City Land Prices Continue To Rise
Posted on 25/03/2019 

Despite a fall in buyer demand, residential land prices continue to rise, according to a new report.

ANZ Eases Rules On Investor Loans
Posted on 21/03/2019 

ANZ has relaxed its criteria for lending to property investors, including with interest-only loans.

Recovery “1 Or 2 Rate Cuts Away"
Posted on 21/03/2019 

RBA research suggests cuts to the official interest rate may spark price recovery in the major cities.

Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 85 - Investors Need To Wake Up
Posted on 19/03/2019 

Rather sadly, most real estate decisions are not based on knowledge, research, planning and independent thought. They’re based on what people perceive others to be doing. The herd mentality.

Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 84 - Everyone Likes Adelaide - Except Investors
Posted on 12/03/2019 

Short-sighted investors continue to refuse considering Adelaide, even though right now it is a strong value-for-money proposition. Adelaide has one of the steadiest and most consistent markets in capital city Australia, underpinned by an economy that the experts have recognised as one of the nation’s best.