Study Blames Zonings For Affordability Woes
Posted on 23/05/2018 

An Adelaide university study has blamed affordability problems on restrictive planning policies, echoing a recent RBA report.

Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 44: Generalised price data misleads
Posted on 15/05/2018 

 Why you need to irgnore median housing prices examples in the media

Interest-only Clients Urged to Act Now
Posted on 13/05/2018 

Many borrowers have interest-only loans expiring in the next few years. Those who take action now will get the best transition outcomes.

Most Investors Have Only One Property
Posted on 12/05/2018 

The typical owner of investment property is an average income-earner who owns one or two properties.

Budget Leaves Property Largely Untouched
Posted on 12/05/2018 

Funding for big infrastructure is the major real estate impact in the Federal Budget.

Hotspots Drive Approvals Growth
Posted on 10/05/2018 

Population growth in Victoria and Queensland has been the major catalyst for a rise in residential building approvals.

Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 43: Monthly Q & A
Posted on 9/05/2018 

On this podcast episode we share the recent live monthly Q & A from the Hotspotting Facebook page. 

Perth Market Moves Into Recovery Mode As Sales Activity Rises
Posted on 8/05/2018 

There is now little doubt that the Perth market is moving into a recovery phase.

Land Prices Rise But Lots Get Smaller
Posted on 26/04/2018 

High land prices, a key component in the cost of new dwellings, are highlighted in a new report from the Housing Industry Association.

APRA Scraps Its 10% Lending Limit
Posted on 26/04/2018 

The APRA cap limiting growth in investor lending to 10% a year has been removed, opening the way to stronger competition from lenders.