Low Vacancies Bode Well For Price Uplift
Posted on 3/01/2020 

Supply is generally low in most markets around Australia, which is helping to put upward pressure on prices.

Affordable Options For FHBs In Apartments
Posted on 2/01/2020 

The launch of the federal scheme to help FHBs will put focus on apartments, with most cities providing affordable options for first-timers.

Markets Enter 2020 With Prices Rising
Posted on 2/01/2020 

Regional markets, as well as most capital cities, have entered 2020 with property prices rising.

Build-To-Rent Gains Growing Foothold
Posted on 2/01/2020 

Developers increasingly are building dwellings to rent out, rather than sell to home-buyers and investors.

66% Own Homes And 20% Invest
Posted on 1/01/2020 

Two-thirds of households own their homes, notwithstanding a decline in ownership rates.

Aussies Delay Buying And Other Big Moves
Posted on 1/12/2019 

Major life milestones like buying a home are being delayed as Australians study more and live longer.

Financial Apathy Is Costing People Thousands
Posted on 1/12/2019 

Apathy is causing Australians to stick with major lenders, despite the reality that better deals are available elsewhere.

Property Appetite Nears Record High
Posted on 29/11/2019 

The CBA, HSBC and REA Group have all published evidence of the strong resurgence in property markets.

Building Decline Adds Pressure To Prices
Posted on 28/11/2019 

The level of construction of new dwellings continues to fall, adding pressure to prices at a time when buyer demand is rising.

Forecasters Tip Strong Growth In 2020
Posted on 27/11/2019 

Major banks and other forecasters are tipping solid to strong growth in markets across Australia in 2020.