Pressure to Switch from Interest-Only Loans
Posted on 29/06/2017 

Banks are providing incentives for borrowers to switch to Principal and Interest payments, in response to pressure from APRA.

Melbourne Poised To Overtake Sydney
Posted on 28/06/2017 

Migrant-inspired growth is pushing Melbourne's population closer to Sydney's. Newly-released Census data shows that Melbourne is set to overtake soon.

Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 1: What Is Hotspotting
Posted on 23/06/2017 

Welcome to the Hotpotting podcast hosted by Terry Ryder of

Lending Constraints Likely To Be Short-term
Posted on 9/06/2017 

Lending criteria has got tougher following the latest APRA crackdown but it's unlikely to last long.

Big City Growth Starts To Fade
Posted on 7/06/2017 

Evidence is mounting the markets in Sydney and Melbourne have passed their peaks, after 3-4 strong years.

Growth In Most Cities Only Marginal
Posted on 26/05/2017 

While media portrays markets out of control, research data shows that only Sydney has recorded strong growth rates in the past five years.

Budget May Create 93,000 Homes
Posted on 21/05/2017 

Federal Budget measures may result in 93,000 homes being built within four years, putting downward pressure on house prices, according to industry analysis.

Rents Follow Vacancy Rate Trends
Posted on 18/05/2017 

Hobart and Canberra have the tightest rental markets in capital city Australia and rents there are showing solid growth. But rents are falling in high-vacancy cities like Perth and Darwin.

Tax Policy Favours Home Owners
Posted on 17/05/2017 

Contrary to the media view, tax policy favours home-owners rather than investors, according to a new analysis.

Lending For New Homes Rises
Posted on 16/05/2017 

Loans to people buying or building new homes rose strongly in the March Quarter, boosted by those settling off-the-plan apartment purchases.