Lopsided Australian property markets
Posted on 22/09/2015 

The Property Price Index shows huge variation in Australian property markets.

How to build a portfolio of 31 properties
Posted on 14/09/2015 

Hotspotting Premium Member Guy Williams has built an $11 million property portfolio. He has done it by treating investment as a business and being willing to pay for expert advice and research.

Brisbane rising but buyers need to be patient
Posted on 5/09/2015 

Brisbane will present some of the nation's best investment opportunities in the next year or so, but buyers need to be careful about where they buy and how much they pay.

RBA losing relevance as banks lift interest rates
Posted on 2/09/2015 

The Reserve Bank has maintained the official interest rate at a record low, but banks are lifting interest rates for investor customers - and may soon hike them for owner-occupiers as well.

Rents refuse to rise, despite claims of shortages
Posted on 31/08/2015 

The latest rental data shows no meaningful growth in any of our major cities, providing further evidence that the "housing shortage" is a myth.

Sydney still strong but there are signs of cooling
Posted on 13/08/2015 

Sydney still has a strong market with high prices being achieved - but there are signs that some of the market heat is dissipating. Buyers agent Rich Harvey gives his views on where the Sydney market is heading.

Investors shrug off APRA measures
Posted on 2/08/2015 

Banks are exploiting the APRA crackdown by lifting rates, but investors remain keen to buy real estate.

Home approvals hit record in FY2015
Posted on 1/08/2015 

Home building approvals for the 2015 financial year were the highest on record, despite a monthly decrease in June.

Total focus on growth area helps investors win
Posted on 22/07/2015 

Performance Property Advisory immerses itself in a single location to help investor clients get the best buys and capital growth.

Apartment oversupply looming
Posted on 16/07/2015 

Many of our cities are facing dangerous unit oversupply in the near future.