Zero danger of market collapse in Australia
Posted on 29/02/2016 

Recent forecasts of market collapse in Australia are merely the latest in a long line of doomsday predictions, all of which have been proven wrong. The conditions do not exist for major decline in our major real estate markets. 

Combine Loans for a Better Rate Deal
Posted on 19/02/2016 

People seeking an investment loan can get a better interest rate if they offer the lender their home mortgage in a combined loan application.

Brisbane Named Top Investment Location
Posted on 12/02/2016 

Brisbane is the city with the most appeal for property investors, according to an analysis by Performance Property Advisory, a member of the Hotspotting Panel of Partners.

Hobart Challenges Darwin on Yields
Posted on 9/02/2016 

Darwin has long had the highest rental yields among the capital cities, but that is changing as Hobart rises.

Migrants Top Aust-born on Home Ownership
Posted on 4/02/2016 

MIgrants to Australia are more likely to own their homes without mortgages than Australian-born residents, according to a report which analyses home-ownership patterms among those born overseas.

Melbourne Tops Sydney on Price Growth
Posted on 3/02/2016 

Our prediction that Melbourne would topple Sydney as price growth leader in the New Year has come to pass, according to the latest data.

Vic Leads Interstate Migration Battle
Posted on 31/01/2016 

Traditionally Queensland has made the most population gains from interstate migration, but now Victoria is the national leader.

Prices Lag Market by Half a Year
Posted on 30/01/2016 

Media focus on median price movements rather than sales volumes is misleading consumers.

Media Discredits Report's Affordability Claims
Posted on 29/01/2016 

The Demographia report has a hidden agenda when it uses dodgy methodology to declare most of Australia "unaffordable".

Monthly Price Data Should Be Ignored
Posted on 6/01/2016 

Investors should ignore statistics who claim to show month-to-month movements in house prices. Because of the short time frame, monthly price data is confusing and misleading. Longer time frames are needed to determine meaningful trends in prices.