Don't write Perth off yet
Posted on 5/03/2015 

The Perth market is a good illustration of the need for investors to delve a little deeper with their research when assessing a market.  Many commentators give us sweeping generalisations, with comments about the state of play nationally or for a major city as a single market. This can disguise myriad differences in sub-markets and is often highly misleading.

Don't believe what you read about housing shortages
Posted on 3/03/2015 

Newspapers, Property Councils, developers and the way they use propaganda to incite fear regarding non-existent housing shortages to try and drum up work for themselves.

Is the PM's clamp-down on foreign investors merely a cash grab?
Posted on 26/02/2015 

The Prime Minister’s clamp-down on foreign investors in Australian real estate has been revealed as little more than a revenue-raising exercise.  

Myths & pitfalls of first time investment
Posted on 25/02/2015 

Most investors never make it past one investment property. Indeed, the research indicates most Australians who buy an investment property no longer own that property - or any investment properties - within five years.

Abbott's foreign clamp-down will change little
Posted on 19/02/2015 

Tony Abbott is clamping down on foreign investors because this will somehow bring down the price of houses. It won't make a lick of difference, and here's why......

Mining towns are really struggling
Posted on 18/02/2015 

Mining towns and regional centres heavily reliant upon the resources sector are sick and dying, and here is why.

How to get creative with property investment
Posted on 13/02/2015 

Small development strategies can create considerable equity and passive income.

Economists and real estate just don't mix
Posted on 13/02/2015 

DESPERATELY SEEKING!!  An economist who understands residential real estate.

Logan City is SEQ's place to watch
Posted on 12/02/2015 

South East Queensland is hot property for 2015, but Logan City is coming up as the star performer.

The Hotspot Basic Formula
Posted on 9/02/2015 

Over many years of researching outperforming areas, the Hotspotting team has found that the common denominators of most good growth areas are affordable real estate, good infrastructure and proximity to major jobs nodes.