Investors Target The Wrong Markets
Posted on 29/06/2016 

The locations most favoured by investors are among the worst-performing markets in Australia, despite repeated warnings.

NSW Accused of Bracket Creep Greed
Posted on 28/06/2016 

New South Wales earned almost $9 billion from stamp duty this year but has offered no relief to first-home buyers and others in the Sydney market.

Panel Partner Wins National Award
Posted on 23/06/2016 

Rich Harvey, a member of the Hotspotting Panel of Partners, has been named Buyers' Agent of the Year 2016 at the Real Estate Business awards.

Banks Want Bigger Deposits, Prefer P&I
Posted on 20/06/2016 

Major landers are asking investors for larger deposits and offering interest rate discounts to steer borrowers towards Principal & Interest loans.

Foreign Taxes Damage Housing Supply
Posted on 15/06/2016 

A cynical cash grab by state governments will reduce dwelling supply and make housing affordability worse by deterring foreign investors.

Gold Coast Resurgence Lifts Qld Regions
Posted on 14/06/2016 

Rising sales activity on the Gold Coast is now translating into strong price growth in key markets, but investors are urged to steer clear of the high-rise unit sector.

Values Underpinned By Strong Equity
Posted on 9/06/2016 

Leading property analyst Scott Keck says Australian housing values are underpinned by high levels of equity and talk of a bubble is wide of the mark.

ALP Gearing Claims “Dangerously Misleading”
Posted on 7/06/2016 

PIPA, which represents property investors, says Labor's taxation policies are flawed and based on assumptions that are "dangerously misleading". It says serious research modeling is needed to determine whether the proposed changes will achieve the outcomes claimed by the ALP.

Affordability at its best since 2013: Index
Posted on 6/06/2016 

Incomes have risen and loan repayments have fallen, creating the best affordability situation in Australia in three years, according to the latest quarterly index published by Adelaide Bank and the REIA.

Buyers Have It Easier Than Their Parents
Posted on 25/05/2016 

Media loves to portray housing as beyond the reach of young buyers, but all the available evidence suggests home ownership is attainable - and indeed, in some respects, easier than it was for previous generations.