Revealing the truth about QLD's markets
Posted on 26/03/2015 

The good, the bad and the ugly truth's about QLD's regional and city real estate markets.

Don't panic! There is no national property boom
Posted on 24/03/2015 

There is a media notion, nigh on hysterical, that we have a runaway national property boom, from which the only possible consequence is economic disaster.  Time to take a cold shower, a few aspirin and a wee lie down - then a reality check.

The underlying agenda of real estate agents
Posted on 24/03/2015 

Consumers should always treat the words of real estate agents and their representative bodies with caution.

Growth markets are often the cheapest
Posted on 17/03/2015 

There is a myth that the prime inner-city suburbs are the best places to buy.  But the good news for investors on a budget is that most of the growth markets in our cities are the cheaper ones.

Must have more than tourism for investment
Posted on 12/03/2015 

One of the enduring myths of real estate is that iconic tourism markets are great places to buy real estate. 

Seminar: Prospects for Sydney real estate
Posted on 12/03/2015 

People keep calling the end to the Sydney boom – but the sales figures suggest there’s still plenty of life in Sydney markets.  Come and join us to see why in our seminar featuring Terry Ryder, Rich Harvey of Propertybuyer and Mike Nicholson & Jeff Wong of The Mortgage Professionals.

Middle Melbourne leads the way
Posted on 11/03/2015 

Middle Melbourne is leading the way as the Victorian capital continues to produce growth property markets right across the metropolitan area.

Don't write Perth off yet
Posted on 5/03/2015 

The Perth market is a good illustration of the need for investors to delve a little deeper with their research when assessing a market.  Many commentators give us sweeping generalisations, with comments about the state of play nationally or for a major city as a single market. This can disguise myriad differences in sub-markets and is often highly misleading.

Don't believe what you read about housing shortages
Posted on 3/03/2015 

Newspapers, Property Councils, developers and the way they use propaganda to incite fear regarding non-existent housing shortages to try and drum up work for themselves.

Is the PM's clamp-down on foreign investors merely a cash grab?
Posted on 26/02/2015 

The Prime Minister’s clamp-down on foreign investors in Australian real estate has been revealed as little more than a revenue-raising exercise.