Economists just don't know real estate
Posted on 21/04/2015 

Should we be concerned about AMP's chief economist Shane Oliver's strange opinions??

What is really happening on the rental front?
Posted on 21/04/2015 

Defining what is really happening in the rental market is dependent upon which "expert" you follow and whose interests they have at heart.

The property boom that never was
Posted on 14/04/2015 

There is no national property boom, there hasn't been one for more than a decade, so how can it be over?

There's more to real estate than CBDs
Posted on 9/04/2015 

There was a time when the CBDs were the centre of the universe for real estate hotspots, but not anymore.

Prime location isn't always "best"
Posted on 7/04/2015 

The Top End markets never produce the best long-term capital growth rates. In most of our capital cities, the lists of best suburbs for long-term growth are dominated by the affordable end of town.

Low interest rates or good government?
Posted on 2/04/2015 

Record low interest rates are not the cause of Sydney's property surge, otherwise we would be seeing it nationally.

Good for Gungahlin, bad for Woden
Posted on 2/04/2015 

Big changes in Canberra's suburbs mean good news for Gungahlin, but bad news for Woden residents.

Revealing the truth about QLD's markets
Posted on 26/03/2015 

The good, the bad and the ugly truth's about QLD's regional and city real estate markets.

Don't panic! There is no national property boom
Posted on 24/03/2015 

There is a media notion, nigh on hysterical, that we have a runaway national property boom, from which the only possible consequence is economic disaster.  Time to take a cold shower, a few aspirin and a wee lie down - then a reality check.

The underlying agenda of real estate agents
Posted on 24/03/2015 

Consumers should always treat the words of real estate agents and their representative bodies with caution.