Cairns still promising without Aquis resort
Posted on 28/11/2014 
Cairns remains a promising investment hotspot, despite the $8 billion Aquis resort being canned.
Regional NSW on the rise
Posted on 27/11/2014 
Many areas in regional NSW are on the rise, and the property market is growing strongly.
No slowdown in Melbourne
Posted on 25/11/2014 
Some commentators suggest a slowdown in city markets, there
Oversupply coming for Brisbane units
Posted on 19/11/2014 
Developers are causing the Brisbane unit market to slide down the oversupply slope that Melbourne is already on.
Nonsensical journalistic house price predictions
Posted on 19/11/2014 
Journalistic misinformation regarding long term housing prices causes panic in buyers if you don't do the research.
Think Investment Realty challenges conventional ways to invest
Posted on 13/11/2014 
Think Investment Realty challenges the conventional way people go about property investment.
Busselton - a market leader in WA
Posted on 11/11/2014 
Busselton confirmed by Hotspotting as a market leader in WA
Melbourne still affordable for first home buyers
Posted on 6/11/2014 
First home buyers are not being priced out of Melbourne. Yes, some compromises need to be made, so if you're not prepared to compromise, then get used to renting.
Canberra and Sydney are worlds apart
Posted on 6/11/2014 
Even though they are geographically close, Canberra and Sydney are poles apart to the keen investor.
The long term view of investing
Posted on 6/11/2014 
Hang in there for the long haul when it comes to investing in property, otherwise you may kick yourself down the track.