Queensland real estate: The good, the bad and the ugly.
Posted on 29/09/2014 
Much of Queensland is thriving and entering a growth phase. Some of Queensland is dangerous territory. We look at the best and worst of real estate in this state.
There is no Sydney housing bubble, despite what some economists say
Posted on 29/09/2014 
Debunking the myth surrounding the economists view of Australia's so called housing bubble. Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey gets it right.
Tasmania - the upcoming apple in the investors eye!
Posted on 22/09/2014 
Tasmania has been the real estate underdog for many years now, but things are changing and investors may benefit.
Market shifts caused by ripple effects
Posted on 22/09/2014 
Patterns of investor activity are changing - buyers are moving out from the inner city areas to the outer ring.
Independent financial advice for property investors
Posted on 21/09/2014 
The PPI Advice Group provides a range of services to help property investors develop and implement successful strategies.
Sales volumes more important than median prices
Posted on 18/09/2014 
The best way to chart progress with property markets is to track sales volumes, which provide important clues about the future movement in prices.
Byron's "boom" is pure fiction
Posted on 12/09/2014 
Byron Bay has recently been touted as undergoing a "property boom". Investors should be wary of claims like these and do their research before buying here.
The statistical illusion surrounding first-home buyers
Posted on 10/09/2014 
Analysing the statistical data surrounding first-home buyers in Australia can be misleading depending on who you listen to.
Misinformation leads investors to bad choices
Posted on 5/09/2014 
Media misinformation is the reason so many people have bad experiences with property investment.
Attacking foreign investors won't help FHBs
Posted on 5/09/2014 
The parliamentary committee investigating housing affordability is thinking of hitting foreign investors with higher fees and charges, but it won't help first-home buyers.