If there's a shortage, where's the rental growth?
Posted on 11/04/2014 
The lack of rental growth in our major cities is inconsistent with claims of a housing shortage crisis.
In parallel Australia the market has gone mad
Posted on 9/04/2014 
In a parallel universe, Australian real estate has gone mad, with markets white hot one month and in decline the next.
News presenters add to misinformation mess
Posted on 9/04/2014 
News 24 presenters have added to the great mass of misinformation about real estate with their misinformed comments.
Better growth occurs in the cheaper areas
Posted on 3/04/2014 
Perth examples show that the best capital growth rates and rental yields are found in the more affordable areas.
Affordability talkfest a waste of time and money
Posted on 3/04/2014 
Politicians are being talked into property inquiries that are a waste of time and money.
Units continue to grow in market share
Posted on 27/03/2014 
Units comprise 43% of recent building approvals and continue to challenge houses as the dwelling of choice.
RBA brings calm to the house price debate
Posted on 27/03/2014 
The Reserve Bank says there is no cause for concern about real estate prices in Australia.
Claims on Chinese investment lack substance
Posted on 27/03/2014 
The hysterical claims being made about the impact of Chinese investment in Australian real estate are without substance.
Dodgy data on Melbourne warps national price stats
Posted on 15/03/2014 
We can't believe the price growth stats from the REIQ because the figures for Melbourne are wrong.
CBD is not the thing you need to be near
Posted on 15/03/2014 
Too many advisers think property has to be near a CBD to achieve capital growth. They're wrong.