Gladstone will fall further before recovering
Posted on 27/08/2014 
Media is suggesting the Gladstone property market has bottomed, but the worst is yet to come for Gladstone.
Good locations offer growth and high yields
Posted on 20/08/2014 
Those who claim you cannot have good capital growth and high rental returns in the same property are misguided. You can have both, if you know what to buy and where to buy it.
Performance Property
Posted on 19/08/2014 
Blacktown booms, but check vacancies
Posted on 15/08/2014 
Blacktown is booming but investors need to watch for over-supply.
Qld Plan is a waste of time and money
Posted on 14/08/2014 
The Queensland Plan published by the State Government will be quickly forgotten by everyone, including those who wrote it.
Toowoomba is nation's No.1 market
Posted on 8/08/2014 
There's a strong argument that Toowoomba is Australia's No.1 property market at present.
Senate inquiry being fed lies and propaganda
Posted on 6/08/2014 
The Senate inquiry into housing affordability is being fed a mixture of misinformation, myths and outright lies by organisations pushing their private agendas.
No bubble and no national boom - not yet anyway
Posted on 3/08/2014 
Newly published research provides further proof that there is no national property boom and no price bubble in Australia.
Why Money Matters
Posted on 1/08/2014