RBA Signals More Rate Reductions
Posted on 30/06/2019 

An official interest rate below 1% is forecast, as the RBA signals further reductions are likely.

Broker Market-share Hits Record 60%
Posted on 30/06/2019 

More real estate consumers are using mortgage brokers to find their way through the maze of loan deals and special offers.

Prices Decline Halted As Sentiment Rises
Posted on 23/06/2019 

New research shows a halt to price decline in the major cities, as Tyron Hyde reports market uplift.

Trading Real Estate Can Be Costly
Posted on 21/06/2019 

Accumulating good assets makes more sense than trading real estate, as the buying/selling costs can be extensive.

Market Sentiment Rising: Westpac
Posted on 20/06/2019 

A new Westpac survey has confirmed the upturn in market sentiment since the Federal Election.

NAB Tips 3rd Rate Reduction This Year
Posted on 20/06/2019 

NAB has joined Westpac in forecasting a third interest rate cut in 2019.

RBA Cut Sparks Refinancing Rush
Posted on 18/06/2019 

Interest in re-financing mortgages has grown since the RBA reduced the official interest rate on 4 June.

111 Markets Treble in past 20 years
Posted on 18/06/2019 

New research shows many locations have trebled in value in 20 years, including many regional centres.

How To Avoid Real Estate Mistakes
Posted on 14/06/2019 

Most real estate errors arise from seeking advice in the wrong places, says author and buyers advocate Miriam Sandkuhler. 

FHB Activity Surges: Finder
Posted on 10/06/2019 

Finder has been a 55% rise in traffic by first-home buyers, as positive changes spark rising market interest.