A Current Affair features "the accidental millionaires"

Posted on 8/09/2008  

Channel 9's A Current Affair has run a feature segment with hotspotting.com.au on "the accidental millionaires". The idea comes from editions of The Ryder Report, the subscription quarterly report available on this website. 

Terry Ryder, creator of hotspotting.com.au, has identified numerous instances where unsuspecting property owners have become millionaires through being in the right place at the right time - for example, owners of houses needed by owners of a nearby shopping centre with plans to expand; or owners of rural property which experiences a change of zoning to allow subdivision for residential development.

The segment ran on A Current Affair on 4 September, featuring a Townsville couple who were paid $1.5 million for their humble suburban home by developers wanting to expand the neighbouring shopping centre.

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