Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 40: Cheaper areas showing best growth

Posted on 17/04/2018  
Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 40: Cheaper areas showing best growth

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In this episode of Hotspotting, Terry Ryder refutes one of the most popular real estate myths that locations close to the CBD have higher capital growth than outer suburban areas.


In this episode Terry covers:

  • The myth that most people want to be close to the CBD for work; research shows that most people actually work outside the CBD.

  • The change of location preferences for commercial, industrial and retail businesses away from the CBD into cheaper and more accessible suburban areas.

  • Research by PwC, which demonstrates that the economic centres of our major cities are steadily moving further and further away from the CBD.

  • Case studies of LGA areas in Sydney and Melbourne and their growth patterns.

  • How 80% of Sydney economic activity occurs in suburban areas, with only 20% in the CBD.

  • Key criteria for most home-buyers, including affordability, infrastructure and proximity to suburban jobs nodes.

  • Research that shows that the cheapest areas have the highest capital growth.

  • Recent Hotspotting research that shows the outer ring suburbs of Melbourne have had the highest growth, as outlined in the latest Top 5 Melbourne Hotspots report.


Further Reading

While outer-ring Melbourne suburbs are showing good growth, some of the regional centres within commuting distance of Melbourne are even better!

Watch my video below where I explain which areas are growing and why.

To know the right places to buy in Regional Victoria check out the new edition of the Top 5 Victoria Regional Hotspots report 

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