Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 83 - Adelaide's Rising Market

Posted on 5/03/2019  
Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 83 - Adelaide's Rising Market

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Australia continues to under-rate the Adelaide property market, however it is one of Australia’s most consistent markets, a status it has maintained over the past 12 months. It also remains the busiest market in capital city Australia and one that is forecast by several analysts to be a national leader on price growth.

It’s noteworthy that many of the millionaire suburbs have recorded big growth in their median prices in past 12 months. Uplift in the premium market is often an early signal of a market upcycle. However the growth is not all confined to the top end: there are suburbs with growth above 10% spread across all price ranges, and this growth is not confined to houses - unit prices have also grown in selected areas, with some suburbs showing growth above 20% for apartments.

Adelaide has a broad geographical spread of LGAs with good numbers of growth markets. There are seven municipalities which have five or more suburbs with rising sales trajectories leading to price growth. This means there is growth momentum right across the metropolitan area.

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