Hotspotting Tips Feature In Money Magazine

Posted on 12/02/2018  
Hotspotting Tips Feature In Money Magazine

By Terry Ryder, founder,

Every year I write the cover story for the February edition of Money Magazine, which features the Top 50 Property Hotspots in the nation.

The February 2018 edition of the magazine is now out and it has a six-page feature which discusses my forecasts for residential real estate around Australia for the coming year.

I begin the main article with the comment: “News of the death of the property boom have been greatly exaggerated.”

I make the point that while last year provided undeniable evidence of the wind-down of the Sydney boom, other cities are only just getting started and show promise of strong growth in 2018.

I warn readers that they’re going to be reading and hearing a lot from economists and other commentators about “the end of the Australian property boom” and the likely decline in “Australian property values”.

I tell them to ignore such comments, because they come from poorly-informed individuals who apparently are unaware that Australia is a place with many different property markets - and they’re not all moving in the same direction, nor at the same speed.

With regard to that, I make this comment: “The eight capital cities delivered a five speed market in 2017 and the coming year is likely to show similar diversity.”

In making my forecasts for the year ahead, I draw on the knowledge acquired from Hotspotting research for the quarterly editions of The Price Predictor Index.

In the PPIndex, we examine sales activity in every town and suburb across Australia to pinpoint the markets where activity is rising, the ones where it’s falling and also the steady places where there are consistent sales levels month after month, quarter after quarter.

From this research, I have chosen 50 locations around the nation where I expect out-performance in the coming year and beyond.

I nominate stand-out locations for the five biggest states, which are …

  • In NSW, the Newcastle region, where I expect the significant growth experienced in the City of Newcastle to ripple out to neighbouring areas like Lake Macquarie and the towns of the Hunter Valley.
  • In Victoria, I nominate Ballarat, having noted that Melbourne and nearby Geelong have already had very strong price growth in recent years and the Ballarat market is now rising.
  • In Queensland, I spotlight the Moreton Bay LGA in the far north of the Brisbane metro area, where affordability, good infrastructure and proximity to jobs nodes are major drivers.
  • In WA, the Joondalup precinct in the north of the Perth metro area stands out as an area that’s leading the Perth recovery after four years of downturn.
  • and in SA, the City of Marion stands out as a value-for-money middle market area that offers quality homes close to infrastructure and jobs nodes.

It’s noteworthy that our focus in NSW and Victoria has switched from Sydney and Melbourne to regional markets, which reflects the reality that those capital cities have passed the peak of their cycles and are winding down.

However, strong growth is expected in Hobart and Canberra, both Adelaide and Brisbane are expected to do better than in recent years, and Perth is tipped to return to price growth after four tough years.

To find out more you can get the February edition of Money Magazine at your local news agent - and, if the Price Predictor Index interests you, you can find it here on the website.

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