Independent financial advice for property investors

Posted on 21/09/2014  
Independent financial advice for property investors

The PPI Advice Group provides the market place with independent financial advice specialising in property as the main asset class.

Director Matt Wall says: "We work for you, the client, and do not sell property or any products.

"We hold our own AFSL and pride ourselves on providing investors with bespoke, independent advice to help you achieve your goals. We also act as qualified buyers' agents to help search, evaluate, negotiate and purchase any property type in the marketplace.

"We appraise all viable property strategies in the marketplace and work with you on building out a bespoke plan and blueprint to illustrate the most effective ways to achieve your desired passive income and equity outcomes.

"These strategies can range from the traditional buy and hold, renovation, splitter blocks, dual living, small developments or commercial acquisitions. We also look at whether setting up a SMSF may be right for your circumstances.

The services of the PPI Advice Group extend to project management to help clients with smaller developments. This includes all feasibilities, DA processes, managing builders, town planners, designers, etc.

"All of these services have been built to provide investors with the peace of mind to work with a firm that is truly independent, qualified, and ethical with their best interests at heart," says Wall.

"So if you are investing in property and not wanting to join the 75% of investors who fail to achieve their financial goals, we would love to offer you an obligation free consultation with a PPI investment advisor."


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