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He is also a regular contributor to print media and is frequently asked for commentary on television and radio.

Below are some of his recent articles and interviews.

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Channel 7 News - The impact of Coronavirus on QLD's Property markets

11 April 2020

WIN News - TheSunshine Coast is Queensland's strongest market

24 September 2019  

CHANNEL 9 News - Its the pre election promise offering first home buyers the chance to put down a 5% deposit

14/5/2019  Watch HERE

SKY - YOUR MONEY - Auction Day 30 March 2019

CHANNEL 7 - News - Hottest Suburbs in Brisbane 20 February 2019

Click HERE to view the recording

CHANNEL 9 - News - Hottest Suburbs in Brisbane 20 February 2019

CHANNEL 9 - Today - Here's where you should buy property 4 February 2019 (Hotspotting data referenced in Money Magazine)

CHANNEL 7 - Weekend Sunrise 5 January 2019

SKY - YOUR MONEY - Auction Day 8 December 2018

CHANNEL 7 - Weekend Sunrise 1 December 2018

CHANNEL 7 - Weekend Sunrise 24 November 2018

Terry was interviewed on weekend sunrise about locations with excellent growth and places to be wary of over the summer holidays.


Terry was interviewd by Sky News about the top locations in Australia in this month's Ryder report.
(Video not available)


Terry was interviewd by Sky News about Top 50 growth suburbs from the latest Price Predictor Index report.

CHANNEL 7 SUNRISE - August 2018

Terry was interviewed by Sunrise on his pickes for hot properties across Australia.


Terry was interviewd by Today Tonight about his picks in the Adelaide property market.

CHANNEL 9 NEWS - June 2018

Terry was interviewed by Channel 9 News about Supercharged Suburbs in Brisbane


Channel 9 interviewed Effie Zahos from Money Magazine and she referred to and recommended Hotpotting's Australian Hotspots.


Terry Ryder speaks with National Nine’s A Current Affair about Chinese Property Developments in Australia.


Joy Radio #Got Money Ep 41 Property Investing with Terry Ryder from Hotspotting

 Joy Radio #GotMoney Ep 32: Hot Spot Safari October 2019

Joy Radio - #GotMoney Ep 31: How Good is Property Research? October 2019

Joy Radio - Got Money 28 February 2019

ABC Capricornia - Gladstone, Emerald recovery 20 February 2019

Southern Cross News  5 February 2019

The Real Estate Wrap with Terry Ryder

1125 / 5MU Adelaide 20 July 2018


Money Magazine Feb 2020

Melbourne market holding up better than most during Covid-19

Property Observer 28 May 2020

Revealed: Most Resilient City Amid COVID-19

Your investment Property 27 May 2020

Distressed home sales expected to rise in tourism hotspots

Sunshine Coast Daily 26 May 2020

5 obscure property hotspots set to take off after coronavirus shutdown

Yahoo Finance 18 May 2020

Adelaide property market to emerge strong from COVID-19 shutdown

Property Observer 18 May 2020

House price forecasts are usually wrong

Property Observer 11 May 2020

House prices defy forecasts of dramatic virus downturn

Property Observer 4 May 2020

43,000 homes disappear due to coronavirus

Yahoo Finance 1 May 2020

Trends likely to emerge post COVID-19 could benefit Central Coast property market

Central Coast Gosford Express / 29 April 2020

The future benefits of the coronavirus crisis

Property Observer 27 April 2020

Property market 'well placed' to avoid value drop

The Observer 22 April 2020

Regionalisation: The positive real estate trends exacerbated by COVID-19

Property Observer 20 April 2020

Why property prices will shoot up after the pandemic

Yahoo Finance 15 April 2020

COVID-19 set to push Melbourne buyers to regional Victorian property

Herald Sun / 14 April 2020

Negative impacts of COVID-19 on real estate to be short-term

Property Observer 13 April 2020

Coronavirus: Is it a good time to buy property in Melbourne?

Herald Sun / 12 April 2020

The property hotspots worth investing in despite coronavirus

Yahoo Finance 8 April 2020

Australia’s rising rental market short-lived as coronavirus could see rents fall by 10 per cent 8 April 2020

Media is overlooking the positive and regurgitating negativity

Property Observer 6 April 2020

13 Coronavirus property questions answered by Hotspotting's Terry Ryder

Property Observer 30 March 2020

Coronavirus property risk to be “short and sharp”, experts claim 26 March 2020

Coronavirus property risk to be “short and sharp”, experts claim

Daily Telegraph / 24 March 2020

Coronavirus, a threat or opportunity for the housing market?

Property Observer 23 March 2020

Why now is the right time to buy a house

Yahoo Finance 19 March 2020

Perth property market finally showing signs of recovery in 2020

Property Observer 16 March 2020

How Canberra has become Australia’s new property unicorn

Canberra Star / 11 March 2020

Sunshine Coast drives regional QLD property to strongest point in three years

Property Observer 8 March 2020

Brisbane property market looks set for long overdue boom

QLD Property Investor 3 March 2020

Brisbane property market looks set for long overdue boom

Property Observer 2 March 2020

Housing markets aren't just rising because of record low interest rates

Property Observer 24 February 2020

Auction market gathers steam as volumes and clearance rates rise

The New Daily 23 February 2020

Northern Beaches rising buyer demand drives Greater Sydney to strongest Sydney market

Property Observer 17 February 2020

Owner occupiers lead the way as housing market surge tipped 14 February 2020

Hot Suburbs Poised For Growth This Year

Your Investment Property 10 February 2020

Expert reveals the 5 ‘cream of the crop’ property suburbs of 2020

Yahoo Finanace 8 February 2020

Regional Victoria is Australia's most outstanding property market

Property Observer 4 February 2020

The unlikely property market experts have recommended for years

Yahoo Finance 4 February 2020

Top 50 Property Hotspots - Feature article

Money Magazine February 2020

Look beyond Sydney for NSW real estate in 2020

Property Observer 28 January 2020

What Australia's bushfires mean for housing affordability

Yahoo Finance 14 1 2020

Why apartments are a good option for deposit scheme applicants

Your Mortgage 10 1 2020

Time To Set Eyes On Regional Victoria

Your Investment Property 9 1 2020

Prices Could Rise As Vacancies Remain Low

Your Investment Property 8 1 2020

Low Vacancy Rates Push Up Property Values

The Gladstone Observer 4 1 2020

Bargain homes: Where to find ‘cheapie’ property hotspots

Yahoo Finance 30 12 2019

Revealed: Australia’s most underrated property market

Yahoo Finance 18 12 19

The Sydney suburbs forecast to lead the property price boom

Daily Telegraph / 14 12 19

Gympie Chamber president reveals year of change, controversy

Gympie Times 10 12 19 

Too much generalisation in Australian real estate

Property Observer 9 12 19

The 10 hotspots hand-picked for property price growth in 2020

Yahoo Finance 9 12 19

10 regional property hotspots set to boom

Yahoo Finance 3 12 19

Hot list: Australia's top 10 areas tipped for property growth in 2020 3 12 19

Melbourne's Darebin in hotspot recovery mode

Property Observer 2 12 19

Uplift in major city apartment markets coming

Property Observer 25 11 19

The 20 holiday destinations where property prices are set to boom

New Daily 22 11 19

Eastern Shore suburb dubbed “supercharged” in national report

The Mercury / 21 11 19

How to find real estate locations with good bones

Property Observer 18 11 2019

Hotspotting lists five rising suburbs in Geelong market predictions

Geelong Advertiser / 16 11 19

Long Jetty highlighted as top suburb for consistent property sales

Central Coast Express Advocate /  13 11 2019

Adelaide crowned top performing capital for price growth

The Advertiser / 11 11 2019

Fresh design in Sydney suburb identified as a rising star market

Manly Daily / 10 11 2019

Melbourne market recovery: Hotspotting supercharged suburbs

Herald Sun 9 11 2019

We’re number one! Hotspotting has named the Sunshine Coast the best place in Australia to invest.

My Weekly 7 11 2019

Regional Queensland real estate markets continue buoyancy

Property Observer 6 11 2019

Hobart's house and unit markets rising

Property Observer 5 11 2019

Tasmania real estate past its peak, but still Australia's top performer

Property Observer 4 11 2019

'Economic Revolution' Unfolds on Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Daily 30 10 19

Property investors should be considering the Sunshine Coast

Property Observer  28 10 19

Property investors should be considering the Sunshine Coast

Property Observer / Queensland Property Investor 28 10 19

Apartment markets leading Melbourne's real estate recovery

Property Observer 21 10 19

5 Brisbane property hotspots home buyers should know about

The West Australian / Yahoo Finance

Rental trends an important barometer for property market strength

Property Observer 14 10 19

Adelaide the best performing capital for real estate growth suburbs

Property Observer 10 10 19

Renewed confidence to spur on Melbourne’s auction action

Herald Sun / 6 10 19

Three Victorian regions among nation’s top 10 best property buys

Herald Sun / 5 10 19

Follow the infrastructure: Top 10 investment property hotspots

The New Daily 4 10 19

Canberra undoubtedly one of the steadiest property markets in Australia

Property Observer 30 9 2019

Perth recovery back on track

Property Observer  23 9 19

The 10 suburbs set for a house price boom in the next 12 months

Yahoo Finance 16 9 19

More regional Victoria areas seeing over five percent yearly gains

Property Observer 16 9 19

Beef Capital named one of QLD's top 5 hotspots

The Morning Bulletin 13 9 19

Townsville dubbed a regional real estate hotspot in new report

Townsville Bulletin /  12 9 19

Revival: Mackay named leader of CQ fightback

Daily Mercury 11 9 19

Brisbane is more likely to see a property boom

Property Observer 9 9 19

"Coming Back": What's Next for Gladstone's Property Market

Gladstone Observer 9 September 2019

How useful are auction clearance rates?

Property Observer 2 September 2019 

Australian investors waking up to regional property market opportunities

Property Observer 26 August 2019

Where Are Property Prices Growing Australia-Wide?

Your Investment Property  26 August 2019

Mining town property prices are on the up

Financial Review 21 August 2019

Australia's top 10 property price growth areas in 2019

Property Observer 19 August 2019

Regional Australian property outperforming capital cities

Property Observer 12 August 2019

Regional Victorian property: ‘cheapie’ towns best bets for investors

Herald Sun / 10 August 2019

2019 property price growth markets in Regional NSW are now found further afield

Property Observer 5 August 2019

First-home buyers' housing market presence strengthens

Your Mortgage 5 August 2019

Adelaide challenging Canberra as Australia's most consistent property market

Property Observer 29 July 2019

Regional Queensland now a national property market leader

Property Observer 16 July 2019

Melbourne’s next property hot spots in north, west: Hotspotting

Herald Sun / 6 July 2019

Tangible evidence of stronger property markets

Property Observer 1 July 2019

Regional Victoria remains stand-out market, but sales activity drops

Property Observer 24 June 2019

Be careful of “The Adani Boom” hype

Property Observer 18 June 2019

Sydney's apartment markets are defying the general trend

Property Observer 10 June 2019

The 15 suburbs set to experience growth in the next three years

The New Daily 10 June 2019

Five property pundits give their market predictions for the next 12 months – including where to buy

The New Daily 7 June 2019

Multiple property scenarios producing different results in Melbourne

Property Observer 3 June 2019

Demand is rising in popular Geelong suburbs, Hotspotting report shows

Geelong Advertiser / 1 June 2019

What's really going on in the Sydney real estate market?

Property Observer 27 May 2019

Melbourne’s ‘safest’ markets to buy into revealed by Hotspotting

Herald Sun / 26 May 2019

Prime Minister’s Housing Blunder

The Chronicle 22 May 2019

Get set for the four elements of the perfect property storm to be struck down

Property Observer 20 May 2019

Why Gympie Property is Defying the National Trend

Gympie Times 18 May 2019

Time to loosen the credit lending restrictions? The bank thinks so

The New Daily 16 May 2019

Business Leader Blasts Gympie Council on "Business Barriers" 

Gympie Times 15 May 2019

Hot Spot Gympie to Ride Next Boom

Sunshine Coast Daily 15 May 2019

What you need to know about Morrison's first-home buyer scheme

Your Mortgage 14 May 2019

FHB deposit guarantee scheme shows politicians don't understand the housing market 

Property Observer 14 May 2019

Adelaide the most under-rated property market in Australia

Property Observer 5 May 2019

'Right direction': Rental data points to recovery

The Observer 1 May 2019

To the outside world it looks like Gympie is dying

Gympie Times 1 May 2019

Mackay leads regional Queensland price growth surge

Property Observer 29 April 2019

Perth property market: Mt Pleasant leads price surge in 40 per cent of suburbs

The West Australian 26 April 2019

Where the Perth property market is on the rise

Property Observer 22 April 2019

These 10 regions are smashing the property downturn

Your Money 18 April 2019

Brisbane's out-performing real estate markets

Property Observer 15 April 2019

Why The Media and Real Estate Don’t Mix

Property Investory April 2019

The five suburbs across Australia where house prices are set to rise

The New Daily  12 April 2019

Real estate hotspots continue to emerge in regional Victoria

Property Observer 8 April 2019

Regional Victorian markets among nation’s top ‘cheapies with prospects’

Herald Sun / 6 April 2019

Mainstream media only interested in the negatives of property

Property Observer 1 April 2019

30 Years of Investment and Research with Terry Ryder

Property Investory March 2019

The property markets that are thriving in Victoria

Property Observer 25 March 2019

Regional New South Wales continues to see property price growth

Propery Observer 18 March 2019

Adelaide flies under the radar as one of our strongest capital city property markets

Property Observer 11 March 2019

These markets are bucking Sydney’s housing downtrend

Your Mortgage 8 March 2019

The Sydney suburbs bucking the current housing slump

Daily Telegraph 6 March 2019

Nowhere in Tasmania has seen less than 5% property price growth in 12 months

Property Observer 4 March 2019

Westpac economist Bill Evans has the property market decline wrong

Property Observer 25 February 2019

The Geelong suburb named in the nation’s top 50 future hotspots

Geelong Advertiser / 23 February 2019

Sales activity slowing across Tasmania, report says

Hobart Mercury / 22 February 2019

New life in Manningham property market as first-home buyers take chance

Herald Sun 20 February 2019

Revealed: These are the hottest suburbs in Brisbane for 2019

Courier Mail /  / 20 February 2019

Canberra the strongest real estate economy in capital city Australia

Property Observer 18 February 2019

Regional Victorian property market rising above the rest

Herald Sun / 16 February 2019

Report reveals encouraging signs for owners and investors

Gladstone Observer 15 February 2019

Sunshine Coast to become home of fastest internet connection

Courier Mail / 12 February 2019

Regional NSW rising as Sydney falls

Property Observer 12 February 2019

Floods only short term dampener

Townsville Bulletin 9 February 2019

Why there’s no reason to fear the downturn in Melbourne

Your Mortgage 7 February 2019

Port Augusta named one of 10 regional hotspots to watch in 2019

Adelaide Advertiser 7 February 2019

The place growing fastest in QLD 5 February 2019

Regional Victorian leads the nation in house price growth 

Property Observer 4 February 2019

Growth in Geelong house prices tipped to continue while sales plateau 2 February 2019

Money Magazine Feb 2019Top 50 Property Hotspots for 2019

Money Magazine Feature February 2019 

Regional Queensland property prices rising

Choice Homes 29 January 2019

Regional Queensland property prices rising

Property Observer 29 January 2019

Perth suburbs leading the real estate property market recovery

Perth Now 27 January 2019

Regional property markets historically defy their economic downturns

Property Observer 21 January 2019 

How far your property dollar goes in the regions vs big city

Gladstone Observer 18 January 2019

Buyers queue for a slice of strong Coast property market

Sunshine Coast Daily 8 January 2019

Where is it a good time to be buying property in 2019?

Property Observer 7 January 2019

Australia's top 10 suburbs tipped for growth in 2019

Canstar 21 December 2018

Expert reveals why property market is sizzling right now

Sunshine Coast Daily 19 December 2018

Brisbane's middle ring suburbs the hot pick for 2019

Courier Mail  8 December 2018

Looking to settle in Brisbane? Check out these suburbs 29 November 2018

Four standout trends in the end of 2018 Australian property markets

Property Observer 26 November 2018

Brisbane’s hottest suburbs revealed

Courier Mail / 26 November 2018

Brisbane suburbs to watch in 2019

Courier Mail / 26 November 2018

Booming regional Victorian property market still offering ‘cheapies with prospects’

Herald Sun / 23 November 2018

Demand in smaller capitals and solid regional markets will lead to property price growth

Property Observer 19 November 2018

What you can get for the median house price in Geelong suburbs

Geelon Advertisier / 17 November 2018

Seventy Melbourne suburbs bucking the cooling market trend to record double-digit growth

Herald Sun / 11 November 2018

Infrastructure the key to city’s future

Townsville Bulletin 27 October 2018

Where to invest $10K - Top outer suburbs picks

Money Magazine 18 October 2018

It's time to focus on regional city property markets

Property Observer 23 October 2018

Property market surges

Tumut & Adelong Times  23 October 2018

Maroochydore: ‘Connected yet quiet’ suburb growing fast 18 October 2018

Adelaide’s property confidence is set to hit new heights

The Advertiser / 18 October 2018

Top three Australian cities for rental growth and lowest vacancies

Property Observer 15 October 2018

The first signs are emerging of a resurgence in these Queensland property markets

Courier Mail / 13 October 2018

Property Market Tightens in the Regions

News Mail 11 October 2018

Rental data points to resurgence in Mackay housing market

Mackay Daily Mercury 9 October 2018

Belconnen has the most property hotspots but Tuggeranong emerging as challenger

The Riot ACT 9 October 2018

‘People don’t get how hard it is’: Young people on Brisbane’s housing market

The Weekly Times 5 October 2018

The 20 worst crash predictions about the Australian property market

Property Observer 3 October 2018

How to analyze city property price data

Property Observer 24 September 2018

Military economy benefiting Ipswich property investors

Property Observer 17 September 2018

Four key markers for property investors of future price growth

Property Observer 11 September 2018

Why Canberra Property Stands Out

Property Observer 5 September 2018

House prices hold steady in Wyndham

Star Weekly 4 September 2018

This suburb has been identified as one of Australia’s most consistent property markets and it’s on the Gold Coast

Gold Goast Bulletin / 30 August 2018

Five Hotspots you may not think of

Property Observer 28 August 2018

Perth’s top five property hotspots revealed by

The West Australian 22 August 2018

Perth’s top five property hotspots revealed by

24 Australia 22 August 2018

Perth’s top five property hotspots revealed by

Perth Now / 22 August 2018

The only suburbs in slumping Sydney and Melbourne property markets revealed / Cairns Post 16 August 2018

Gunnedah real estate market among best growth areas in nation

Namoi Vallley Independent 15 August 2018

Top 17 suburbs forecasted for a price increase this year

Courier Mail / 15 August 2018

North Tamworth one of nation's super charge real estate suburbs

The Northern Daily Leader 14 August 2018

When will Gladstone recover? 

Property Observer 14 August 2018

These are the most ‘dangerous’ suburbs in Australia

Australian Stocks & Finance news 12 August 2018

SA leading the nation for property hotspots according to new report

The Advertiser / 11 August 2018

Australia’s 66 ‘danger’ suburbs where property prices are tipped to crash 10 August 2018

Where to invest in regional Victoria, as Melbourne market cools

Herald Sun / 8 August 2018

New report breaks down the top 50 suburbs in Australia to buy property in 8 August 2018

Agnes market 'growing', six suburbs on 'danger' list

Gladstone Observer  7 Augsut 2018

NATIONAL REPORT: Bundy property market on the rise

News Mail 7 August 2018

Seventeen Sydney suburbs declared danger markets for buyers

Daily Telegraph / 7 August 2018

Five Sydney suburbs where property prices will still grow

Daily Telegraph / 6 August 2018

Investors starting to sticky beak into Mackay property scene

Mackay Daily Mercury 6 August 2018

Report reveals Hobart real estate sector slowing buoyed by rising north market

Hobart Mercury / 6 August 2018

Good news for buyers as expert finds Geelong market nearing peak

Geelong Advertisier / 4 August 2018

Langwarrin named as Australia’s ‘most consistent’ housing market by Hotspotting

Herald Sun / 4 August 2018

How to pinpoint the best places to invest  6 July 18

Three of the best and cheapest locations with growth prospects 5 July 18

Cheapies with Prospects: Where to Invest in Ipswich

Sunshine Coast Daily 3 July 2018

Follow these tips on how to pinpoint the best places to invest / Courier Mail 30 June 2018

Finding the next hotspots 3 best locations in 3 emerging city markets 13 June 2018

Property prices are growing in these 10 Aussie cities

Yahoo 7 finance 6 June 2018

These are the top 3 spots to bag a bargain in Brisbane: Ryder 24 May 2018

Tide turns for growth corridor 28 April 2018

Property guru puts Townsville near top 21 April 2018

Moreton Bay makes top 10 list of places to invest in property 18 April, 2018

Hume among Australia's top performers for house price growth 13 April 2018

Melbournes outer west north lead nation for house price growth

Herald Sun 6 April, 2018

There are plenty of cheap properties in regional towns, but this one has the best price growth prospects 30 March 2018

Gympie one of top-five towns for growth prospects

Gympie Times 30 March 2018

Super charged suburb in good company 10 March 2018

These are the markets investors shouldn’t buy in, but where owner occupiers can grab a bargain 27 February 2018

Housing hot spots: Where to buy property in Queensland in 2018 20 January 2018

Housing Affordability Surges In WA 18 January 2018

Parramatta and Olympic Park area declared no go zones for investors & 12 January 2018

Investors urged to avoid Melbourne’s inner-city unit market & 12 January 2018

These are the No Go Zones, the areas experts say you shouldn’t invest in & 12 January 2018

Perth’s property market on the road to recovery  9 January 2018

Perth’s best value real estate: Investor opportunity as property market improves

Perth Now 7 January 2018

Relief in Sight for "Long-suffering " Gladstone Landlords

Gladstone Observer 12 December 2017 

Adelaide property market set for significant price growth in 2018

The Advertiser / 3 November 2017

Melbourne’s property boom passed its peak as outer suburbs shine: Terry Ryder

Herald Sun / 29 October 2017

Forget what you think you know about this suburb, it has just been labelled a Brisbane property hotspot

The Weekly Times / Courier Mail 18 October 2017

New report identifies SA’s most consistent investment hotspots

The Advertiser Real Estate / 3 August 2017

Housing revival tipped for Townsville

Townsville Bulletin 19 July 2017

Epping, Wyndham regions packed with potential for investors

Herald Sun / 16 July 2017

Suburban Spotllight: Kelvin Grove

The Courier Mail 24 April 2017