Rental Growth Lower Than Price Rises
Posted on 28/09/2017 

Most capital cities have rising residential rentals, but the growth in most cases is minor compared to movements in house prices.

Vacancy Rates Tight In Most Capital Cities
Posted on 24/09/2017 

Residential vacancies remain tight in the capital cities, with one or two exceptions, according to new rental data.

Price Growth Ranking Order Changes
Posted on 17/09/2017 

Hobart and Canberra are rising, challenging Melbourne and Sydney on annual growth in house prices.

Affordability Improves In Most Cities
Posted on 7/09/2017 

Contrary to media perceptions, housing affordability has improved in most of our major cities, with Sydney the notable exception.

Lenders Cutting, RBA On Hold
Posted on 31/08/2017 

Lenders are cutting interest rates for owner-occupiers ahead of spring, while the RBA is tipped to keep the official rate unchanged for another 12 months.

Unit Supply Set To Wind Back
Posted on 27/08/2017 

New research reports find unit supply levels remain high, especially in Sydney, but building is set to drop signficantly next year.

Melbourne, Canberra Lead Price Growth Tables
Posted on 18/08/2017 

Sydney has slipped down the growth rankings, according to two recent research reports, with Melbourne and Canberra now leading.

Vacancies Remain Tight in Most Cities
Posted on 16/08/2017 

Rental vacancies remain low in most of the nation's capital cities. Even in Perth, the city with the highest vacancies, the trend is towards a tighter rental market.

Here’s Why Consistency Counts In Property Markets
Posted on 7/08/2017 

Investors often chase boom-time growth but there’s a lot to be said for taking a safer route, buying in steady locations with consistent sales performance. We show how well this can work for investors.

Sydney Weakens While Others Rise
Posted on 21/07/2017 

Melbourne and Hobart are now leading Australia on house price growth, with Sydney steadily dropping down the pecking order of capital cities.