Home approvals hit record in FY2015
Posted on 1/08/2015 

Home building approvals for the 2015 financial year were the highest on record, despite a monthly decrease in June.

Negative gearing misconceptions
Posted on 2/07/2015 

Negative gearing is a great incentive to invest.

Melbourne VS Sydney
Posted on 2/06/2015 

Sydney has run out of puff, but Melbourne keeps going.

What is really happening on the rental front?
Posted on 21/04/2015 

Defining what is really happening in the rental market is dependent upon which "expert" you follow and whose interests they have at heart.

Good for Gungahlin, bad for Woden
Posted on 2/04/2015 

Big changes in Canberra's suburbs mean good news for Gungahlin, but bad news for Woden residents.

Revealing the truth about QLD's markets
Posted on 26/03/2015 

The good, the bad and the ugly truth's about QLD's regional and city real estate markets.

Must have more than tourism for investment
Posted on 12/03/2015 

One of the enduring myths of real estate is that iconic tourism markets are great places to buy real estate. 

Don't write Perth off yet
Posted on 5/03/2015 

The Perth market is a good illustration of the need for investors to delve a little deeper with their research when assessing a market.  Many commentators give us sweeping generalisations, with comments about the state of play nationally or for a major city as a single market. This can disguise myriad differences in sub-markets and is often highly misleading.

Is the PM's clamp-down on foreign investors merely a cash grab?
Posted on 26/02/2015 

The Prime Minister’s clamp-down on foreign investors in Australian real estate has been revealed as little more than a revenue-raising exercise.  

ABS Under estimates First Home Buyers
Posted on 6/02/2015 

Journalists and many others have been reporting incorrectly regarding First Home Buyers and how "The Great Australian Dream is Dead".  The Australian Bureau of Statistics that it has been grossly under-estimating the number of first-home buyers in the market.