Want Strong Returns On Your Property Investments? Look to Regional Australia

Posted on 1/02/2019  
Want Strong Returns On Your Property Investments? Look to Regional Australia

The No.1 story in Australian real estate is not the demise of Sydney, but the rise of Regional Australia.

While mainstream media obsesses over the decline in prices in Sydney and some parts of Melbourne, the untold story is the high number of thriving property markets in the nation’s regional areas.

Apart from the mini-boom that continues in Hobart, and the rise in prices in top end markets in Perth, Adelaide and Canberra, all of the significant growth markets in Australia are in regional areas.

The markets in both Regional Victoria and Regional Tasmania are “going ballistic”. Sales activity has risen sharply and annual price growth above 10% is common. Many locations have recorded median price growth above 20% in the past year.

Regional New South Wales abounds with strong regional centres, and regional Queensland  - both in the south-east corner and central and northern Queensland are seeing strong growth on the back of local economy, the fightback of the resources sector and infrastructure investment.

The underlying theme for buyers considering Regional Australia is that investment in a good regional centre can be a win-win-win situation (relative to buying in capital cities): cheaper prices, higher rental yields and good potential for capital growth.

The National Top 10 Regional Hotspots are the pick of the crop – the best 10 regional locations in Australia for property investors seeking capital growth and this report explains why each demands attention. It  contains over 90 pages of information, analysis and commentary from Australia's best real estate forecasting team.

To learn the best regional property markets around the nation, buy the National Top 10 Regional Hotspots 2019 report.

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