Vic LGAs lead nation on population growth

Posted on 3/04/2016  
Vic LGAs lead nation on population growth

It says a lot about how much population patterns have changed that Melbourne has five of the nation’s top 10 locations for population growth – and that Queensland does not feature on the national top 20 list.

Municipalities on the outer reaches of Melbourne, Sydney and Perth dominate the national list of leading areas for population growth last year.

This follows the recent ABS release of its annual population data for Local Government Areas (LGAs) around Australia.

In FY2015, Australia’s population grew 1.4%, or 317,100 persons to reach 23.8 million. Greater Sydney remains our biggest city, with a population of 4.92 million, followed by Greater Melbourne (4.53 million) and Greater Brisbane (2.31 million).

Most of the fastest-growing LGAs are located in the capital cities, typically (but not always) on the urban fringe.

Australia’s fastest-growing LGA in FY2015 was Camden in Sydney’s outer south-west, according to an analysis by In recent years, the rate of growth has accelerated and has generally been above 3.0% since 2007. Camden’s growth rate in FY2015 of 7.6% represented an annual increase of 5,100 persons.

“Most of this growth is occurring in new greenfield estates in suburbs such as Oran Park and Gregory Hills,” says “Furthermore, there is considerable scope for growth well into the future across the northern part of the LGA in the coming decades.

Camden has featured in a number of the reports published by in the past two years, including the Top 5 Sydney Hotspots report.

Aside from Melbourne City, which grew 5.6%, all the fast-growing LGAs in Melbourne were on the urban fringe. “This continues well-established patterns of growth in our two largest cities," says

Wyndham (south-west), Whittlesea (north), Melton (west) and Cardinia (far south-east) all feature in the national top 10 municipalities for population growth rates. They all grew 4% or more in FY2015.

Despite a general slowdown in Greater Perth’s population growth, there are standout locations. Serpentine-Jarrahdale is located on the south-eastern outskirts of Perth, and it’s growth rate of 7.2% is off a much smaller base than most of the other LGAs in the top 20 – it represented an additional 1,620 persons.

Perth’s other usual suspects appear in the top 20, including Armadale, Kwinana and Rockingham, all located in the outer south.

The other interesting entries in the top 20 were Litchfield in the Northern Territory, and Walkerville, in inner Adelaide. Litchfield is a large municipality that surrounds the greater Darwin metropolitan area, and its growth reflects the popularity of rural residential living and new housing opportunities in towns such as Coolalinga, Howard Springs and Humpty Doo.

Walkerville’s growth was a massive increase compared to the average over the last ten years, and is reflective of the apartment construction trend that is spreading beyond the City of Adelaide.


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