Windfall gains possible - but long shots

Posted on 23/10/2012  

Blackall in central western Queensland is a classic example of the investment possibilities we call The Long Shots.

Blackall is a town of just 1,600 residents which services the merino sheep-breeding industry, with an additional boost from tourism. Typical houses cost $155,000.

But the town – and its real estate market – will be transformed if plans to develop the vast Eromanga Basin coal province are successful.

Several exploration companies have identified coal reserves which they say are worth billions of dollars in exports.

The even smaller town of Quilpie south of Blackall is another likely beneficiary, with the multi-billion-dollar South Blackall coal mine in prospect. The median house price in Quilpie is just $110,000.

Investors could achieve windfall capital gains by buying at the current low prices, taking the punt that major mining projects will happen in the region. But it’s a long shot.

The new edition of The Long Shots details 10 locations around Australia that present these kinds of possibilities – locations where prices may boom if certain proposed events proceed.

It’s at the high-risk end of the property investment, so it’s not for the faint-hearted, nor for novice investors starting out.

To find out more, buy the National Top 10 Long Shots report.


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