Webinar Q&A
Posted on 27/03/2020 

In our recent webinar there were many questions we couldn't get to - here are some answers and a replay of the webinar.

Perth Is A Market Of Opportunity
Posted on 26/03/2020 

Many markets will present opportunities to buy well amid the virus crisis, including Perth;

The Week in Real Estate
Posted on 25/03/2020 

Market Focus Switches From Auctions
Homes High On Wish Lists
Renovations At An All-time High
Banks Ready To Defer Repayments
Australia Well Placed For Recovery

Virus-hit Markets Present Opportunity
Posted on 24/03/2020 

Real estate may take a short, sharp hit before a strong upturn, presenting opportunities to buyers.

Govt Announces New $66bil Stimulus Package
Posted on 22/03/2020 

The $66 billion package announced by the Federal Government is designed to keep businesses healthy and people in jobs.

The Week in Real Estate
Posted on 21/03/2020 

Low Rates A Chance To Build Buffer
Vacancy Rates Down In All Cities
Market Resilient Against Virus Fears
FHB Activity Strongest in 10 years
Mortgage Lending on the Rise

RBA Drops Cash Rate to 0.25%
Posted on 19/03/2020 

The Reserve Bank today dropped the officlal interest to 0.25%, its second reduction of the month.

The Week in Real Estate
Posted on 14/03/2020 

Big Four Act in National Interest
Lowest Mortgage Rates in History 
Prices Growing In All Markets 
House Buyers Shrug Off Fears 
Unit Completions Delayed by Virus

Investors Need To Commit Time & Money
Posted on 14/03/2020 

Many investors attempt property investment on the cheap - it's the worst kind of false economy.

The Week in Real Estate
Posted on 7/03/2020 

Banks Pass On Official Cash Rate
Multi-speed Recovery Drives Markets
Capital City Prices Trending Up
iPhones Red Flag on Credit Check
Digital Banking Reaches Home Loans