Another Lender Slashes Its Rates
Posted on 2/09/2019 

Citibank is the latest in a spate of both major and non-major lenders reducing their rates, in response to eased guidance from the banking regulator and all-time low cash rates set by the Reserve Bank of Australia. 

SDA Housing Offers Yields Above 10%
Posted on 25/08/2019 

Providing Specialist Disability Accommodation can benefit both the community and the investor.

Owners Ready To Upgrade: Survey
Posted on 25/08/2019 

The Housing Sentiment Survey finds home-owners think it's a good time to upgrade.

Taxes Are Half The Cost of New Homes
Posted on 21/08/2019 

New research shows that up to half the cost of new house-and-land packages is government imposts.

Internal Migration Drives House Prices
Posted on 19/08/2019 

Research shows that internal migration is the biggest catalyst for real estate markets.

Survey Finds What Buyers Don't Want
Posted on 18/08/2019 

Comparison website Finder has surveyed consumers to discover the biggest turnoffs for buyers.

How to Create Equity With New Homes
Posted on 13/08/2019 

Investors are seeking better outcomes by building new to create equity.

Survey Of Experts Tips Price Rises
Posted on 13/08/2019 

A survey of analysts finds most are predicting price rises in the major cities of Australia.

City Markets Move Into Recovery Mode
Posted on 2/08/2019 

Three major institutions have published reports depicting recovery in major city property markets.

Prices Rise In Most Cities In July
Posted on 1/08/2019 

Price growth is returning to the major cities, according to the latest research data.