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National Top 10 Regional Hotspots

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Regional Australia is the unheralded hero of the Australian property market.


It should be front and centre in any discussion about real estate growth and where people should buy, but often it is overlooked by mainstream media and by investors who think the best prospects are always found in the big cities.
In the past two years, the strongest markets in the nation in terms of the locations delivering price growth have been Tasmania and Regional Victoria.

And in the past 12 months, many locations in Regional South Australia have recorded good growth in the median prices, but few Australians would know about it.

In terms of uplift in sales volumes in late 2019/early 2020, leading markets across Australia included the regional areas of NSW, Queensland and Victoria. Dozens of locations in the eastern states were showing strong upwardly-mobile trends in their property markets as we entered the virus period.
The location-by-location analysis conducted every quarter by Hotspotting shows that markets with rising prices are the rule, not the exception in these regional areas.

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