Optimism Returns After Election Result
Posted on 21/05/2019 

The result of the Federal Election has removed uncertainty and reinstated optimism among real estate consumers.

Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 93 - Policies show politicians' lack of understanding
Posted on 14/05/2019 

The inability of politicians to think matters through to likely conclusions is evident in the various policies that impact on the housing industry.

Time To Scrap 7.25% Buffer
Posted on 14/05/2019 

ANZ boss Shayne Elliott says it's time for a rethink of APRA's 7.25% home serviceability restriction rate.

Housing Slump Coming To An End
Posted on 14/05/2019 

All signs point to an early bottoming out of the housing markets in the major cities, according to the Financial Review.

Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 92 - Signs of Improvement
Posted on 7/05/2019 

There are multiple reasons to feel optimistic about recovery in big cities.

Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 91 - Analysis of National Price Data
Posted on 1/05/2019 

Despite media's constant reporting of "Australia's Property Crash"  there are many growth markets in our capital cities, including Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. 

Gearing Changes Create Two -Tiered Market
Posted on 29/04/2019 

Labor’s negative gearing policy has the potential to create a two-tiered property market where it will become almost impossible to sell “nearly-new” properties, according to Tyron Hyde of depreciation experts Washington Brown.

Fixed Rate Demand Falls
Posted on 26/04/2019 

Demand for fixed rate home loans fell in March, reveals new data from Mortgage Choice, prompting many lenders to reduce their interest rates for fixed-rate loans.

Top Questions (and answers) on Depreciation
Posted on 25/04/2019 

Top Questions (and answers) on Depreciation – post 2017 Budget changes,  from Washington Brown CEO Tyron Hyde

Affordability Improves In Most Cities
Posted on 24/04/2019 

Housing affordability for new mortgage borrowers in Australia, which improved over the year to March 2019, will continue to improve over the next 12 months, according to Moody's Investor Service.