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Sales Of New Homes Join Market Revival
Posted on 23/01/2020 

New home sales provide the latest indicator of a strong revival in property markets.


Regional NSW Continues To Produce Affordable Growth Markets

The regions outside of Sydney have many examples of win-win-win situation provided by regional centres: affordable buy-in prices, much better rental yields than the big cities and good prospects for steady growth.
Many of these have long-term growth rates (the average annual increase in median house prices over 10 years) of 5%, 6% or more.

This strong price performance has occurred at a time when the Sydney market has generally been struggling for growth (prior to the revival in prices which occurred in latter part of 2019).
It provides compelling evidence that investors can find good investments with appealing prospects for long-term growth in regional areas.

This report highlights five locations where investors can buy affordably, achieve good rental yields and look forward for solid growth over time.


Top 5 NSW Regional Hotspots