Confidence Rises On RBA Rates Forecast
Posted on 21/02/2019 

The changed outlook on interest rates has contributed to a rise in consumer confidence, a new report says.

Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 81 - Canberra - Strongest Real Estate Market
Posted on 20/02/2019 

The Canberra market has strengthened and now has more growth markets than at any time since we began our quarterly surveys four years ago. The norm now in Canberra is suburbs where median prices have grown by more than 5% in the past 12 months, while only a handful have falling prices.

Investors Remain Upbeat On Prices
Posted on 14/02/2019 

A new survey has found that 52% think prices will rise and 34% expect prices to stay about the same.

Most Buyers Use Brokers, Says Survey
Posted on 12/02/2019 

Most property buyers use mortgage brokers and recommended changes to how brokers are paid should be opposed, says PIPA.

Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 80 - Regional NSW Growth Markets
Posted on 12/02/2019 

Markets in Regional NSW continue to head in the opposite direction to Sydney. While the Sydney market is showing increasing signs of decline, the cities and towns of Regional NSW are delivering growth markets right across the state.

Experts Tip RBA Rate Cut Soon
Posted on 10/02/2019 

Most analysts expect the next RBA change to the official interest rate to be a reduction, according to Finder.

Melbourne Analysis Shows Growth Markets
Posted on 5/02/2019 

Melbourne house prices may be down overall, but there remain many solid growth markets, our analysis shows.

Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 79 - Regional Victoria is No.1
Posted on 5/02/2019 

Regional Victoria is the stand-out market in Australia. Against a backdrop of Regional Australia providing the top growth markets in the nation, Victoria has large numbers of towns/suburbs with rising demand and the strongest price growth in Australia.

Aussies Remain Bullish On Prices: Canstar
Posted on 1/02/2019 

Most Australians expect house prices to rise or remain stable, according to a new Canstar survey.

Want Strong Returns On Your Property Investments? Look to Regional Australia
Posted on 1/02/2019 

The No.1 story in Australian real estate is not the demise of Sydney, but the rise of Regional Australia.