Chinese Buyer Demise Hurts Affordability
Posted on 31/05/2018 

Fee charges and tighter capital controls are thought to be behind the decline in Chinese investment in Australian real estate.  

Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 46: Brisbane areas for affordability and growth
Posted on 29/05/2018 

While the best time to buy in Sydney and Melbourne has passed, Brisbane appeals as a city that is offering good value. 

Unit Shortage Tipped In 2 Years
Posted on 25/05/2018 

Despite 40,000 apartments currently under construction across east coast capital cities, undersupply is predicted beyond 2019.

Regional Queensland markets showing signs of recovery
Posted on 24/05/2018 

With increasing signs of recovery in the local economies, some areas of regional Queensland are offering some good opportunity for property investors.

No Rates Change Til Mid-2019: NAB
Posted on 23/05/2018 

The NAB has joined other lenders in forecasting that the official cash rate to stay unchanged for longer.

Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 45: Townsville
Posted on 23/05/2018 

 Townsville is an opportunity for property investors, because prices are down ahead of an impending growth phase.

Study Blames Zonings For Affordability Woes
Posted on 23/05/2018 

An Adelaide university study has blamed affordability problems on restrictive planning policies, echoing a recent RBA report.

Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 44: Generalised price data misleads
Posted on 15/05/2018 

 Why you need to irgnore median housing prices examples in the media

Interest-only Clients Urged to Act Now
Posted on 13/05/2018 

Many borrowers have interest-only loans expiring in the next few years. Those who take action now will get the best transition outcomes.

Most Investors Have Only One Property
Posted on 12/05/2018 

The typical owner of investment property is an average income-earner who owns one or two properties.