Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 6: The Price Predictor Index Report - Part 2
Posted on 25/07/2017 

In Episode 6, Terry delves a little more into the Price Predictor Index Report.

The index analyses sales in every Australian suburb or town. It finds the growth patterns - the places that will soon show price growth. It also finds markets that are going backwards – the ones to avoid.

All this is analysed and presented in a report that covers the key markets in every state and territory.

Sydney Weakens While Others Rise
Posted on 21/07/2017 

Melbourne and Hobart are now leading Australia on house price growth, with Sydney steadily dropping down the pecking order of capital cities.

Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 5: What is the Price Predictor Index Report
Posted on 19/07/2017 

In this episode, Terry discusses the information that is used when creating the popular Hotspotting reports, specifically the Price Predictor Index Report.

These Australian real estate reports are quite unique in that the whole focus is not on what's happening with prices, it’s on what's happening with sales volumes.  The reason for this is because Terry believes that sales activities are a much better indicator of where markets are heading than price statistics are.

Regional Markets Rise As Big Cities Fade
Posted on 19/07/2017 

As markets in Sydney and Melbourne gradually fade, many regional areas are seeing rising sales activity and prices.

Melbourne Leads Cities On Prices
Posted on 18/07/2017 

The Winter edition of The Price Predictor Index shows that Sydney and Melbourne have passed their peaks, while other cities are rising up the pecking order.

Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 4: Top 5 Melbourne Hotspots in 2017
Posted on 13/07/2017 

In this episode, Terry discusses the Top 5 Melbourne Hotspots in 2017. 

Right now, Melbourne is the strongest capital city market in Australia because it has the best price growth and best sales activity.

Transport Spending Will Boost Real Estate
Posted on 13/07/2017 

Major growth in transport infrastructure spending will stimulate real estate markets across Australia.

NAB Further Restricts Interest-only Loans
Posted on 12/07/2017 

The NAB has further tightened its lending criteria on investment lending, especially for interest-only loans.

New Depreciation Rules Create Confusion
Posted on 11/07/2017 

The lack of detail in the Federal Budget means even the experts don't know what the new rules on depreciation will mean for investors.

Hotspotting Podcast | Episode 3: Hotspotting Q&A
Posted on 4/07/2017 

After our Facebook Live last week, we received a few questions from people who watched it.

So in today’s episode we answer 3 listeners questions all about hotspotting and property investment.