City Price Growth Sliding – Sydney Down Sharply
Posted on 15/03/2017 

Media continues to claim Sydney house prices are growing at an annual rate close to 20%, but other major research sources agree that the growth rate is only 3-4%.

No Housing Bubble Say Big Four Banks
Posted on 9/03/2017 

The chief executives of three of the major banks agree that, while prices are high in Sydney and Melbourne, they are not over-inflated.

RBA Steady But Out-of-cycle Hikes Tipped
Posted on 7/03/2017 

It's becoming increasingly clear that further cuts to the official interest rate are unlikely, while many commentators are tipping out-of-cycle mortgage rate rises from the banks.

Huge Distortions In Price Growth Data
Posted on 3/03/2017 

Can you believe the price growth data published in media? Comparing figures from different sources suggests that the market is awash with rubbery figures.

Professionals bullish despite uncertainties
Posted on 22/02/2017 

Property professionals expect a positive year in 2017, despite concerns about lending restrictions and rising interest rates.

PM Says CGT Won’t Change
Posted on 20/02/2017 

PM Malcolm Turnbull has ruled out any changes to capital gains tax as it applies to residential property.

Consumers Warned On Price Growth Data
Posted on 19/02/2017 

There are many instances where price growth numbers from one source differ from another firm's figures. Investors need to be careful about how they treat real estate statistics.

Hobart Leads on Price Growth
Posted on 8/02/2017 

One research source has Hobart leading on price growth for both houses and apartments.

Industry Disputes Vacancy Data From REIQ
Posted on 6/02/2017 

The REIQ claims vacancies in struggling markets have dropped to normal levels, but data from other sources dispute the institute's bullish findings.

Fixed-rate Demand Steadily Rises
Posted on 1/02/2017 

Each month more borrowers are choosing a fixed-rate home loan, although discounted variable-rate products remain the most popular loans.