Prices Lag Market by Half a Year
Posted on 30/01/2016 

Media focus on median price movements rather than sales volumes is misleading consumers.

Media Discredits Report's Affordability Claims
Posted on 29/01/2016 

The Demographia report has a hidden agenda when it uses dodgy methodology to declare most of Australia "unaffordable".

Monthly Price Data Should Be Ignored
Posted on 6/01/2016 

Investors should ignore statistics who claim to show month-to-month movements in house prices. Because of the short time frame, monthly price data is confusing and misleading. Longer time frames are needed to determine meaningful trends in prices.

Hobart heads Cheapies with Prospects 2016
Posted on 3/01/2016 

Underpinned by an improving state economy, Hobart is expected to attract investor attention in 2016 for its affordable real estate.

Look for growth in smaller cities in 2016
Posted on 31/12/2015 

2015 was all about Sydney and Melbourne, but the New Year will see other cities step up.

Ipswich revival puts it in Top 10 Best Buys
Posted on 16/12/2015 

The Ipswich City economy is thriving and real estate is responding. We expect strong growth and have included Ipswich in our new National Top 10 Best Buys 2016 report.

ABS price data lags well behind the game
Posted on 16/12/2015 

The Statistics Bureau is months behind the pack in publishing price data that has been superseded by more recent figures.

Index suggests markets that favour buyers
Posted on 15/12/2015 

The Home Buyers Index names buyers' markets and sellers' markets, but we think they've got it wrong in some cases.

City rental growth muted in 2015
Posted on 9/12/2015 

Melbourne and Sydney have recorded the largest rental rises, but Darwin still has the highest rental yields among the capital cities.

Qld will lead in 2016, according to Best Buys
Posted on 9/12/2015 

The report with Terry Ryder's Top 10 tips for 2016 is out now.