The property boom that never was
Posted on 14/04/2015 

There is no national property boom, there hasn't been one for more than a decade, so how can it be over?

There's more to real estate than CBDs
Posted on 9/04/2015 

There was a time when the CBDs were the centre of the universe for real estate hotspots, but not anymore.

Prime location isn't always "best"
Posted on 7/04/2015 

The Top End markets never produce the best long-term capital growth rates. In most of our capital cities, the lists of best suburbs for long-term growth are dominated by the affordable end of town.

Low interest rates or good government?
Posted on 2/04/2015 

Record low interest rates are not the cause of Sydney's property surge, otherwise we would be seeing it nationally.

Good for Gungahlin, bad for Woden
Posted on 2/04/2015 

Big changes in Canberra's suburbs mean good news for Gungahlin, but bad news for Woden residents.

Revealing the truth about QLD's markets
Posted on 26/03/2015 

The good, the bad and the ugly truth's about QLD's regional and city real estate markets.

Don't panic! There is no national property boom
Posted on 24/03/2015 

There is a media notion, nigh on hysterical, that we have a runaway national property boom, from which the only possible consequence is economic disaster.  Time to take a cold shower, a few aspirin and a wee lie down - then a reality check.

The underlying agenda of real estate agents
Posted on 24/03/2015 

Consumers should always treat the words of real estate agents and their representative bodies with caution.

Growth markets are often the cheapest
Posted on 17/03/2015 

There is a myth that the prime inner-city suburbs are the best places to buy.  But the good news for investors on a budget is that most of the growth markets in our cities are the cheaper ones.

Must have more than tourism for investment
Posted on 12/03/2015 

One of the enduring myths of real estate is that iconic tourism markets are great places to buy real estate.