Be selective in QLD
Posted on 2/06/2015 

Investing in QLD could go very well, or very badly.  Be selective.

Melbourne VS Sydney
Posted on 2/06/2015 

Sydney has run out of puff, but Melbourne keeps going.

Brisbane apartment vacancies rising
Posted on 19/05/2015 

No Go Zones exist for apartments in many capital cities.

Why is Sydney in a rate-cut frenzy?
Posted on 14/05/2015 

Interest rates and cuts are the same nation-wide, so why is Sydney the only one going bonkers?

Oversupply is the killer
Posted on 13/05/2015 

More houses does not equal cheaper houses.

Look past the Sydney obsession to regional NSW
Posted on 7/05/2015 

There are great investment prospects for the regional areas of NSW.

Jail the foreigners!!
Posted on 6/05/2015 

Surely Tony Abbott can't really believe foreign investors are to blame for house prices?

Most important thing is DIVERSITY
Posted on 30/04/2015 

Economic and geographic diversity is the key to successful property investment.

Long term capital growth goes to the regional areas
Posted on 30/04/2015 

To be successful, investors need to dig beneath the shallow media numbers to find the best places to buy.

The economists have bungled it again!
Posted on 23/04/2015 

The economists are still reading their own reports wrong regarding overseas investors VS first-home buyers.