Property boom only just beginning
Posted on 20/06/2014 
While some say the boom is over, the evidence suggests that in most Australian locations it is only just beginning.
Qld regions start to deliver on forecasts
Posted on 20/06/2014 
Coastal Queensland cities are starting to rise, notably in Cairns, Hervey Bay and the Gold Coast.
Adelaide poised to lead price growth
Posted on 13/06/2014 
Home sales activity has been rising strongly in Adelaide, with price growth set to follow.
Markets still growing around Australia
Posted on 11/06/2014 
Some newspapers have declared that the boom is over, but there is still plenty of growth around Australia.
Three key factors impact Melbourne market
Posted on 30/05/2014 
The Federal Budget and an impending state election may curtail growth in the Melbourne market.
Depreciation a missed opportunity
Posted on 23/05/2014 
Most property investors fail to claim depreciation or maximise their depreciation claims.
Budget impacts indirectly, both good and bad
Posted on 16/05/2014 
The Federal Budget does not directly impact real estate, but there will be indirect impacts, both good and bad for residential property.
Melbourne "boom" is a looming disaster
Posted on 9/05/2014 
Melbourne's development "boom" is making an already serious situation worse, in terms of over-supply.
Govt takes more from property than it gives back
Posted on 9/05/2014 
Government takes considerably more in taxes from real estate than it gives back in tax benefits.