Qld Plan is a waste of time and money
Posted on 14/08/2014 
The Queensland Plan published by the State Government will be quickly forgotten by everyone, including those who wrote it.
Toowoomba is nation's No.1 market
Posted on 8/08/2014 
There's a strong argument that Toowoomba is Australia's No.1 property market at present.
Senate inquiry being fed lies and propaganda
Posted on 6/08/2014 
The Senate inquiry into housing affordability is being fed a mixture of misinformation, myths and outright lies by organisations pushing their private agendas.
No bubble and no national boom - not yet anyway
Posted on 3/08/2014 
Newly published research provides further proof that there is no national property boom and no price bubble in Australia.
Why Money Matters
Posted on 1/08/2014 
W'gong delivers on our forecasts
Posted on 31/07/2014 
We predicted about 18 months that Wollongong would emerge as a hotspot, and recent data shows we got it right.
RBA, and economists generally, fail to understand real estate
Posted on 26/07/2014 
The RBA, and other economists, continue to demonstrate how much they do not understand real estate.
Stats confirm rise in Adelaide market
Posted on 26/07/2014 
More data has confirmed that the Adelaide property market is rising strongly.
No boom yet, but one may be starting
Posted on 26/07/2014 
There has been no national property boom to date, but one may be ablaut to start.