RBA brings calm to the house price debate
Posted on 27/03/2014 
The Reserve Bank says there is no cause for concern about real estate prices in Australia.
Claims on Chinese investment lack substance
Posted on 27/03/2014 
The hysterical claims being made about the impact of Chinese investment in Australian real estate are without substance.
Dodgy data on Melbourne warps national price stats
Posted on 15/03/2014 
We can't believe the price growth stats from the REIQ because the figures for Melbourne are wrong.
CBD is not the thing you need to be near
Posted on 15/03/2014 
Too many advisers think property has to be near a CBD to achieve capital growth. They're wrong.
Qld to lead: Terry Ryder on Ch7 News
Posted on 8/03/2014 
Brisbane and Queensland will lead the national pack on price growth in 2014.
Terry Ryder reveals Brisbane hotspots on Ch7 News
Posted on 8/03/2014 
The Hotspotting Price Predictor Index has identified the key areas of Brisbane that will see price growth in the near future.
Avoid these Queensland lemons
Posted on 7/03/2014 
Some locations have a reputation as good places to buy which is undeserved.
Price guide ban caused by shonky agents
Posted on 6/03/2014 
Queensland's ban on auction price guides has been caused by agents rorting the system.
Geelong will thrive despite recent bad news
Posted on 1/03/2014 
Geelong will continue to have a strong economy and property market, despite announcements of business closures.
Revival begins in the forgotten state
Posted on 27/02/2014 
Tasmania which has lagged other states is showing the first signs of a property market upturn