Investor focus should switch to Queensland
Posted on 24/10/2013 
Recent increases in sales volumes suggest prices will start to rise soon in Queensland property markets.
Moderate rent growth amid balanced markets
Posted on 24/10/2013 
Rental growth in the major cities has been moderate at best, putting the lie to claims of housing shortage.
Stop grizzling and get active
Posted on 24/10/2013 
Housing affordability is at its best levels in 10 years and home ownership is readily achievable for first-home buyers willing to make sacrifices.
Home loans continue upward trend
Posted on 15/10/2013 
Finance to buy housing continued its upward trend in August, with a 0.6% monthly rise in trend terms.
Avoid the "hot" markets, look elsewhere
Posted on 10/10/2013 
Property investors should avoid buying in over-heated real estate markets such as Sydney's auction suburbs.
17 good reasons why resources boom lives on
Posted on 9/10/2013 
Despite continuing commentary about the resources boom being over, there is considerable evidence that strong growth lies ahead.
Price blame game misguided and misdirected
Posted on 9/10/2013 
Rising house prices is a positive thing for most households and for the nation, but commentators continue to seek someone to "blame".
No evidence that "the dream" is fading
Posted on 27/09/2013 
Media claims that the Great Australian Dream is fading are not supported by any evidence.
Sydney set to copy Melbourne's unit surplus
Posted on 27/09/2013 
Sydney's inner-city apartment market is heading toward the kind of serious over-supply that charaterizes the Melbourne inner-city market.
1st rule of investing: stop reading newspapers
Posted on 20/09/2013 
Newspaper coverage of real estate is more likely to present misinformation than useful data for property investors.