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Property Professionals

Grow your business, position yourself as an industry authority and provide valuable market insights for your clients with Hotspotting.

We provide a range of data driven solutions for property professionals, designed to help you make informed decisions and achieve your business goals.

Promote yourself better and provide valuable, data rich content for your customers with our range of resources and reports.


The Pulse Subscription - Data Insights for Property Professionals

The Pulse is an essential tool for property professionals who want to find the best locations for their clients that offer the strongest rental yields in the country in areas that still offer strong opportunities for capital growth.

We take the guesswork out of property investing so you can confidently recommend locations to your clients without spending 100’s of hours researching.

We provide you with in-depth data, analysis and insights so you can make smart, informed decisions.

Premium Membership

If you’re serious about property and growing your business, then a Premium Membership with Hotspotting is for you. Access ALL of our investor reports as they are released as well as our premium products including the Price Predictor Index and National Top Ten Best Buys.

Annual or quarterly payment options are available.

Reaching Out Program

Our Reaching Out Program is exclusively tailored for property professionals including real estate agents and buyers agents. The program provides five marketing products each month, delivered directly to you with your branding. Save time and money and allow the Hotspotting team to create data rich, engaging content for your customers.


Hotspotting offers a limited number of spots in our mentoring program. The program provides participants with exclusive access to Terry Ryder or Tim Graham (via text or email) plus phone or video consultations each month.

The mentoring program is a valuable tool for developing your business goals and strategies. Find research tools and resources that will help your clients, identify the best locations for investment and develop marketing ideas and topics that are relevant for your audience and target locations.


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