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According to our latest analysis, Perth was the leading capital in terms of growth in 2023, outpacing other major cities such as Brisbane. However, we are starting to see a slight moderation in the property boom and some changes in sales momentum.

Our report delves into the current state of the Perth market, inclusive of some regional areas that are currently showing great potential. We have identified the top five hotspots in Perth and surrounding areas that have the potential to provide you with solid returns on your investment.

Our team conducted thorough research and analysis to bring you detailed information on each of these hotspots, including median prices, buyer demand, and predictions for future prospects.

Our Top 5 Perth & W.A. Hotspots Report also highlights the importance of being selective in your investment choices. While Perth still offers good prospects, our report points out the need to look beyond the city and into regional areas for even better opportunities.

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