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Strategy Sessions with Terry Ryder


Terry can offer assistance with the following topics –

How to choose the best location: Terry has specialised for the past two decades in identifying the future hotspots in real estate around Australia, by understanding what drives markets and causes some locations to perform better than others.

Property investment education: Many Australians want to become property investors but are unsure how to proceed. Terry has four decades experience in research and writing about real estate – and as a buyer of real estate.

Understanding the next steps: Whether starting out with their first investment property or seeking to buy the next one, many people are stuck on how to move forward. A session with Terry helps people to get “unstuck” and discover how to take the next steps to make progress.

How to develop a real estate business: Many people setting up a business providing services in the real estate space have benefited by Terry’s input on how develop their business, reach out to potential clients and ensure they get repeat business from satisified customers.

He can also help you answer the questions:

  • If you are uncertain where to invest?
  • Should you invest right now?
  • Is property investment the right path for you at the moment?

Terry Ryder has over 35 years experience in the property field as a researcher and analyst, and his passion is helping people find the best place to invest in property.

For those investors who just need to talk over some ideas and get some guidance, he offers  STRATEGY SESSIONS.

– A STRATEGY SESSION is an individual consultation with Terry via Zoom.

– Sessions last up to 45 minutes, giving you time to formulate your questions and discuss your strategy with Terry.

– Relevant Location Reports will be provided by Terry if these will assist your process.

 – Appointments are  available at 11am or 1pm, Monday to Friday. Please contact our office before purchasing, if these times will not work for you.

– Buy a session today and you will be redirected to our booking calendar after purchase.

Note: Due to heavy demand, appointments may not be available for a couple of weeks.

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