What do Successful Property Investors Need?


At Hotspotting, our primary goal is to provide you with the information you need to become a successful property investor.

Our Location Reports are the backbone of this information - whether an individual report on a particular location or one of our Top 5 or Top 10 Hotspots Reports, this information will guide you to the best places to buy NOW for future growth.


The most successful investors we know have one thing in common - they’re all Premium Members of Hotspotting.

Premium Members - GOLD - receive all of our Top 5 & Top 10 Reports, all Location Reports and The Ryder Report monthly.

Premium Members - SILVER - receive the Top 5 Reports and Location Reports for their chosen state, and The Ryder Report monthly.

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Residential real estate analyst and writer Terry Ryder provides one to one mentoring for a strictly limited number of clients to assist them in making good choices as property investors. This includes exclusive access to Terry as one of 12-only Mentoring clients; the right to send text message and emails at any time; phone or Skype chats with Terry twice per month; assistance in developing goals and strategies and much more. 

He also offers individual Strategy Sessions - when you just need to sit down and work through your next step.

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The Ryder Report is a bi-monthly newsletter (6 editions per year) that analyses the various Australian property markets in depth.

With highlights of featured locations every month it is an invaluable tool for the serious investor. Now available by annual subscription or to purchase each month.

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INVESTOR REPORTS - The TOP 5 & TOP 10 Locations

Our Top 5 & Top 10 Hotspots Reports are updated 3 times per year and cover the major capital cities and regional areas across Australia, as well as special reports such as the Price Predictor Index and the Cheapies.

Designed to help you narrow your search for the best places to buy, these are our Hot Picks for investment.