Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder is a guest speaker on webinars and at conferences and seminars in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Hotspotting also hosts regular webinars for the public and Hotspotting Premium members.

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Depreciation - why it matters more than everFREE WEBINAR: 


28th FEBRUARY 2019

12.30pm NSW/VIC/TAS  11.30am QLD  12 noon SA  11am NT  9.30am WA

With the Federal Election due sometime in the next few months, changes are definitely looming. If you are a property investor, these changes will potentially impact you.
If, as the polls suggest, we end up with a Labor government, their taxation policy - to allow negative gearing only on purchases of new properties - is likely to push investors towards new rather than existing property.
This will likely lead to one of two possible scenarios
- If you invest in a new property, you will be able to negative gear - and new properties have the most potential for claiming deprecation.
- If you invest in an existing property, negative gearing won't be available and maximising your depreciation claims will become even more important.
Few investors know how to maximise their depreciation claims. Ensure you are informed and avoid paying too much tax.
In this free and informative webinar, Terry Ryder will be talking with Tyron Hyde, CEO of Washington Brown and author of bestseller CLAIM IT! about the importance of Property Depreciation and how claiming depreciation affects an investors’ cashflow and taxable income.
This exclusive WebEvent will cover the basics of Property Depreciation, the latest depreciation laws, strategies to crack these (newish) laws and will explain why there has never been a more important time to claim depreciation.

Washington Brown
Not all investment property tax depreciation schedules are built the same. They should be but the reality is, like many things in the property world, all is not as it seems. The devil is in the details—and the details are everywhere. But relax, at Washington Brown we take care of every last one.
Established in 1978, Washington Brown is one of Australia’s oldest and most respected quantity surveying organisations.
Each year, we prepare more than 13,500 reports, delivering $1.5 billion in depreciation savings



The Best Locations for Property Investment in 2019

The Best Locations for Property Investment in 2019

Recorded January 16th 2019

In this first Members-only webinar for 2019, Terry discussed the outlook for Australia's various property markets and reviewing the Top 10 Best Buys report, digging down into the reasons these locations have the best prospects.

Members can contact our office for a replay link.

WHERE to Buy & Where NOT to Buy This Summer

Recorded December 2018

In this free webinar Terry reviewed locations that are popular for vacations,  and which ones are good prospects for property investment.

Victoria'a Hottest Property Markets

Recorded December 2018

In this free webinar Terry spoke with Miriam Sandkuhler of Property Mavens about some of regional Victoria's hottest property markets and the towns and regions that are leading the property boom in Victoria.

Prospects for Newcastle & Brisbane

Recorded November 2018

In this free webinar Terry spoke with Rich Harvey of Property Buyer about the property market prospects in Newcastle and Brisbane.

They discussed the current state of these markets and the factors that are driving growth in both regions.

Don't Wait For The Market, Create Your Own Capital Growth

Recorded November 2018

In this free webinar, Terry spoke with Alex Dutt from Adviseable about creating equity/profit through small scale residential development (for investment purposes).

Alex covered:- 
* Some of the best areas where these types of projects work particularly well at the moment
* Some practical tips for small scale residential development (including pitfalls to avoid)
* Some real life examples of completed projects
* How to crunch the numbers/perform feasibility studies
* How finance works for these types of projects
* What professionals you’ll need to engage (including how to choose the right builder)
* How to oversee and manage these types of projects if you live interstate

Why NEW Rents Better, Grows Faster

Recorded November 2018

In this FREE Webinar I spoke with Paul Mergard of Triple Zero Property Group.

We talked about how to maximise your returns, both in capital growth and yield, and how to take advantage of the tax benefits you can receive by investing in new property.
Paul will share with you how to design a house that will maximise your returns once you have decided on the location.

How to Get a Loan in this New World of Banking

Recorded October 2018

There's a lender and lending product out there for almost everyone - even as the world of housing finance changes as banks react to the Royal Commission.
That's the message from Australia's leading mortgage broker, award-winning Louise Lucas of The Property Education Company.
Big banks have changed their lending criteria, but second tier lenders are still applying the old rules. As a borrower there are several key things you need to do to maximise your chances of getting the loan you want. 
Louise will be outlining the strategies she recommends for borrowers preparing to apply for finance.

Think Small for BIG Growth

Recorded September 2018

In this free webinar Terry was joined buy Buyers Agent & Adviser Kate Hill of Adviseable.

The question we get asked every day is "Where is it a good place to buy?"

With the bigger cities of Sydney & Melbourne in a downturn, its time to look to the smaller cities and regional centres where growth is strong and driven by a range of economic factors.
Kate outlined her picks of these areas and explain why they should be considered by home-buyers and investors alike

How to Create Your Own Growth Through Renovation

Recorded August 2018

In this free webinar Terry was joined by renovation guru Bernadette Janson of The School of Renovating. They discussed the  renovation strategies that can maximise growth potential for your properties - even during a downturn.



First-home buyers, upgraders and rentvestors - expert tips for success

Recorded July 2018

In this free webinar Terry was joined by award-winning buyers agent and best-selling author Miriam Sandkuhler who believes opportunities abound for all types of buyers, including first-home buyers, rentvestors and upgraders and will discuss her tips on how to buy in a competitive market.

How to Pinpoint the BEST Places to Buy with Terry Ryder

Recorded June 2018

In this free webinar,Terry outlined the strategies he uses for choosing the best places to buy

  • For short term growth
  • For long term growth

How to Succeed with Property Investment by Terry Ryder

Recorded May 2018

In this free webinar,Terry explained his strategies for becoming a successful property investor:

  • How to pinpoint the locations that are about to rise in price
  • How to navigate the maze of media misinformation and where to get quality data
  • How you can get one to one support and guidance from Terry

Act Now To Beat The Interest-Only Time-bomb

Recorded May 2018

In this free webinar Terry Ryder of Hotspotting and Miriam Sandkuhler of Property Mavens discussed the problems some borrowers will confront when their interest-only loans mature in the next few years, and strategies they can use to prepare for the transition.

Money Making Property Strategies for 2018

Recorded April 2018

In this free webinar Terry Ryder of Hotspotting and Rich Harvey of Property Buyer discuss how investors challenged by the slowing markets in Sydney and Melbourne can take advantage of the range of growth markets throughout the rest of Australia. They looked at both places to avoid at the moment and Hotspots to consider for growth.
Rich also shared his tips on creating equity, ways to overcome tight lending restrictions, and how to achieve profits at every stage of the property cycle.

THE BEST HOTSPOTS - Where should you invest in Property in 2018?

Recorded March 2018

In this Free webinar Terry Ryder of Hotspotting and Kate Hill from Adviseable  discussed her strategies for finding the best available investment properties in the best available growth areas.

10X Your Path to Financial freedom with Renovating

Recorded February 2018

In this Free webinar Terry Ryder of Hotspotting and Bernadette Janson of The School of Renovating will discuss the 10 key strategies for supercharging your investment portfolio using renovation and high cashflow strategies.

The Top 5 Mistakes Smart People Make - with Miriam Sandkuhler & Terry Ryder

Recorded January 2018

In this free webinar Terry & Miriam discuss the mistakes even smart investors make and how to avoid them.