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1.9 Million Front Doors Left Unlocked

Lock your doorsOne in five Australians don’t lock their doors, despite the 231,000 home break-ins which occurred nationally in 2019.

New research by comparison website Finder indicates that millions of Australians are leaving themselves vulnerable to theft.
A nationally representative survey reveals around 20% don’t lock their doors, leaving 1.9 million unlocked front doors across the country.

In addition, 41% are living without home insurance and nearly the same proportion (38%) don’t have contents insurance.

A Finder analysis of ABS data found that 2.4% of households – approximately 231,000 homes – were broken into in 2019.

The analysis also revealed that 73% of these break-ins resulted in theft, while 49% resulted in property damage.

Taylor Blackburn, insurance specialist at Finder, urged Aussies to take proper home security precautions this summer.

“The financial consequences of a break-in can be devastating, and without adequate protection, your home and valued possessions are at risk.

“Locking your front door really is the quickest way to fend off criminals, while those who live in areas with higher crime rates should consider an alarm or video monitoring system.

“Not only will this help deter thieves, but it can also help lower your insurance premiums.”



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