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15-20% Capital Growth Before The House Is Built

Property investment outcomes don’t get much better than this.

You sign a contract to have a house built and before the house is completed its market value is 15% or 20% higher than the cost of the house-and-land package.

Property investment specialist Danny Buxton of Triple Zero Property Group says scenarios like this are far from exceptional in the current market climate.

The exceptional examples are where the house, on completion of construction, is worth 30% more than the cost to the investor.

Buxton says there are numerous current examples of this in nation-leading growth markets like South-East Queensland and Adelaide.

On Wednesday 23 February, Buxton joined Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder to discuss this method of investment in detail.

Buxton outlines …

  • How investors can achieve strong growth even before their new build is completed
  • Where to find the best locations for this style of investment
  • How to ensure the best outcomes with new-build investments
  • The challenges investors can face in the current climate of shortages and rising costs.


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