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2022: What next for the Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle?

The most powerful force driving real estate markets around the nation is the Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle.

For several years Australians have been exiting the big cities and moving their lives to smaller cities or regional areas.

These locations have been out-performing the biggest cities on capital growth for a number of years.

Now, as we contemplate 2022, the key question is whether the trend will continue.

Some observers think that once the pandemic is under control, people will move back to the big cities.

Have they got it right or have they misunderstood the most compelling real estate trend of the 21st Century?

To provide the answers, property investment expert Tim Graham of Reventon  joined Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder for a special webinar event on Wednesday 10 November.

They discussed the likely outcomes for real estate in 2022 and where investors should focus their attention to find the best opportunities for growth.


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