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Andrews To Scrap Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games scheduled to be held in Victoria in 2026 have been cancelled due to a higher-than-expected cost of $6bn to host the event. The Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, stated that the initial pledge of $2.6bn was already a significant amount, but the increased cost was considered too much for a 12-day sporting event. Andrews acknowledged that the decision not to host the Games was a difficult one but emphasized that the government would not invest such a large sum of money. In response, the government has announced a $2bn support package for regional Victoria. This includes a $1bn Regional Housing Fund to deliver over 1,300 new homes across the regions.

The cancellation of the Commonwealth Games has been met with disappointment and confusion. Commonwealth Games Australia President Ben Houston expressed his disappointment and stated that the organization was working with the Commonwealth Games Federation to understand the broader impacts of the cancellation. The decision came as a surprise to many, with mounting speculation that the Games would face significant changes.

There were suggestions that the event could be relocated to the city of Melbourne to avoid a complete cancellation. However, the significant increase in cost means that it is unlikely that the Games will take place at all. This sudden cancellation is expected to cause international controversy, as it will be difficult to find an alternative host country at such short notice.
The cancellation of the Commonwealth Games is a significant blow to Victoria, as hosting the event is seen as a prestigious opportunity to showcase the state on the international stage. It also represents a missed opportunity for economic stimulus and tourism. The decision to cancel the Games was made after an emergency meeting of the government’s Expenditure Review Committee.

The full proposal was then presented to Cabinet for approval. The cancellation comes despite the government’s initial willingness to host the Games when the Commonwealth Games Federation approached them. However, the increased cost proved to be prohibitive.
The cancellation of the Commonwealth Games is likely to have a negative impact on the reputation of Victoria. It raises questions about the state’s ability to manage major events and deliver on its promises. The decision also highlights the challenges faced by governments when it comes to budgeting for and hosting large-scale sporting events.

The high costs involved can often be underestimated, leading to financial strain and potential cancellations. In the case of the Commonwealth Games, the significant increase in cost made it impractical for Victoria to proceed with hosting the event. It remains to be seen whether another host country will step in to take on the Games, but it is likely that the cancellation will be met with disappointment and frustration by athletes and sports enthusiasts around the world.


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